Posted : August 13, 2019

  • Ngwe Pale (Silvery Pearl) Dairy is owned by U Tin Win (T70) and Daw Khin Than Win (T70, GBNF).
  • U Ngwe Soe (Walter, M69, UTC, Guitarist)
  • U Ngwe Soe (UBA/BAC pilot, Eldest son of U Ne Win and Daw Tin Tin)
  • U Ngwe Soe (Silver, UCC) moved to Singapore. He hosted me during a visit to Singapore.
  • Saya U Ngwe Thein (Geology)
  • Daw Ngwe Tin (UCC)
  • Saya U Ngwe Tun (Civil) owned a book shop.
  • U Ngwe Tun (Tun Tun, SPHS63 and C69). He hosted the 69er Monthly Gathering for his birthday dana.
  • U Ngwe Zoe (Pete Gale, St. Patrick’s and St. Paul’s, Medical Technologist)

Ngwe (in middle or end of name)

  • Saya U Kyaw Ngwe (Principal, TTC) authored textbooks with Mr. Sanban.
  • U Thein Ngwe (ChE76) co-founded RITAJ (RIT Alumni in Japan). His pen name is Ko Thein (Tokyo).

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