Nay Win

Collegian Nay Win was born in Hinthada. He joined the Navy and then made his name at Rangoon University as a football player.
[Per Dr. Tint Lwin, Goalkeeper for the University First Eleven] : The team mates called him “Pa Pu”.
His coach Saya Nyein recommended him to the producers of “Kaw Leik Gin” (Collegian). The rest is history.
He liked “Say Leik Toh” (Tin Moe’s poem) and wanted it as his epitaph.

Dr. Nay Win (Uncle Hardy) was Medical Superintendent of the Psychiatric Hospital. He is the father of Ma Phyu (spouse of U Ye Gaung (EC81, “May” Recording Studio).

Bo Tun Hla (Tekkatho Nay Win) was a Personal Staff Officer (PSO) of Bogyoke Aung San. He later became an actor, lecturer and writer.

Born as Shu Maung, he changed his name as “Ne Win“. The name change possibly made his future bright and shining — except for the last few years. During his reign, any article containing “Sun” (especially “Setting Sun”) was censored. So was any reference to Dhammata (the epic poem by Ananda Thuriya). Anyone using “Ta” instead of “Tit” was fined ten pyas for each occurrence.

U Nay Win (M69, GBNF) was my classmate at PPBRS (Private Primary Boundary Road School). He moved to MEHS (Methodist English High School). We became classmates again at I.Sc.(A) and RIT. He retired teaching (about Marine Technology) at a polytechnic in Singapore. He is the son-in-law of Daw Htoo. He told me to spell his name correctly as “Nay” and not “Ne”. His buddies include U Tint Lwin (Daniel, M69) and U Sein Myint (EP69). They would cheer him up when he was being hospitalized. He was jovial even though he was on liquid diet for a few years. He jokingly asked, “Can you give me Whiskey?”

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