Excerpts from the Appendix of HMEE-2012

Ten Point Demand

We, with the unanimous approval of the students at the mass meeting of the 6th August 1951, after considerable deliberation reached upon the following decisions for the authorities to give it close scrutiny and thereby furnishing the Engineering Faculty with what is now so much in needs,

1. that the existing 24 stipend awards be accelerated to 60 in number,

2. that the books of Reference for the Library be increased,

3. that a librarian as in other Faculties be appointed,

4. that more assistant lecturers be recruited to relieve the present overloaded staff.

5. that shortage of Drawing Tables and ‘T’ squares be eliminated

6. that Models for Machine Drawing, Design Mechanisms and heat engines be bought to prevent the students from becoming more or less “by-heart automations”

7. that Hydraulics and Heat Engines Laboratory be equipped,

8. that the present college building and premises be expanded,

9. that Engineering Mathematics and Geology be instructed to our students and not to the academic B.A/B.Sc, and Intermediate syllabuses respectively , and

10. that a day-durwan be supplied.

The demand was sent to the Senate through two channels, i.e., one, through the Dean of Engineering and the other through the R.U.S.U. on the 20th August 1951.

In this connection, mention should be made that our “Ten-Point

Demand,” have been slightly amended to suit the position when we re-submitted to the council at the time of token strike. We have deleted items (5)and (10) and instead inserted.

(5) That mechanical Department be opened by all means latest, by July 1951.,

(10) That two student’ Representatives be allowed to participate in staff meetings.

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