We had to write essays in English and Burmese.

Sometimes only a title is provided. Sometimes an outline is also given.

We had to study “Tom Thumb’s Essays”.

An essay
(1) usually has three (or more) paragraphs
(a) Introduction
(b) Body (one or more paragraph)
(c) Conclusion
(2) may have a length limitation (e.g. maximum number of words)
(3) may have a presentation style
(a) Descriptive
(b) Narrative
(c) Argumentative (Logical reasoning)
(d) Abstract

I once wrote “My life as a fighter bomber” (trying to bomb the Nazi forces).

One writer (some attributed to Sir Winston Churchill) wrote:
An essay should be like a ladies skirt (or dress)
long enough to cover the subject
and short enough to be interesting

In the early days, there was no “political correctness” and “gender sensitivity”.

To lighten the atmosphere, I quoted the tongue-in-cheek definition described above in the “Count Down to the Union” series for SPZP-2000. A young but brilliant Sayama Lay (with a foreign doctorate) accused that I was irresponsible and had made fun of the women.

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