U Ba was an Educator.

U Ba Aye (Father of Sayama Emily)

[Per Dr. Myo Khin] : U Ba Aye (DIG) was involved in the investigation of U Tin Tut’s assassination.

U Ba Chit was an actor.

Deedok U Ba Cho (Arzani) is the grand father of Daw Khin Myint Cho (UCC)

Ba Dway is the younger brother of one’s father.

Pagan U Ba Gyan escaped death on July 19, 1947. He is the elder brother of U Ba Shan.

Cartoon U Ba Gyan has a street named in his honor.

Ba Gyi is the elder brother of one’s father.

[Per Dr. Nyunt Wai] : Ba Gyi Aung is a famous fictional character from Saya Minthuwun’s short story. Saya’s literary friends translated Saya’s poem and the short story and published them along with the Burmese original.

Dr. Ba Han (Lawyer) also compiled an English-Burmese Dictionary. He is the elder brother of Dr. Ba Maw.

Dr. Ba Han (SPHS66) is a Psychiatrist who practiced in New York State before relocating to Texas.

U Ba Hein was Principal of No. (6) Botathaung State High School (name of SPHS after Nationalization).

U [Saw] Ba Hein (1936 RU Strike, Father of Daisy and Edwin)

U Ba Hla Oung lost his son Ko Aung Khin (supposedly the 17th victim) on July 7, 1962.

U Ba Hpyu (Father of Raymond and Herman)

U Ba Htan, U Ba Tun, U Kauk (later monk) and Koyingyi U Ni were our hosts when we first visited Popa. Our paternal grandmother helped with the development of Popa Taung Ka Lat.

U Ba Htwe is a cartoonist.

U Ba Htwe is the father of Daw Thandar Htwe (UCC)

Bo Ba Ko was a member of the “Psychological Warfare”. He studied at Yale University. (Thanks U Than Moe for the correction). He ended up as an actor, director and writer. U Nyunt Wai remembered reading about Yale University by Bo Ba Ko.

U Ba Kun won Mr. Burma (Maung Bamar). He became an actor.

U Ba Lun

U Ba Lwin (Myoma, Boy Scouts, Ambassador)

Dr. Ba Lwin (EE, RIT)

U Ba Maung (Father of Joe)

U Ba Maung (Father of Patrick)

Dr. Ba Maw (Adipati)

Dr. Ba Maw (BBC)

U Ba Min (Mathematics, Astronomy)

U Ba Myaing (Registrar, SPHS)

U Ba Myint (Pro-Rector, YTU)

U Ba Nyunt (Professor, Vocalist)

U Ba Nyunt (RIT EE, MOC)

U Ba Oo (Father of Eddie and Reggie)

U Ba Oo (Scrabble)

U Ba Pe (co-founder of Pe-Pu-Shein)

Dr. Reggie Ba Pe (Sr. and Jr.)

Dr. Ba Pu

U Ba Shan served as Secretary of the Mathematics Curriculum Committee. He is the younger brother of “Pagan” U Ba Gyan (Minister) who escaped with a bullet wound on the fateful July 19, 1947. He is the father of U Boe Ba Shan (UCC).

Bohmu Ba Shin authored a history book. He served as Secretary of the Thamaing (History) Commission. He is the father of Dr. Nyan Htein (MOC).

U Ba Shwe (Colonel, Ambassador)

U Ba Soe (Gyobinkauk, brother of U Hla Soe)

U Ba Swe (Prime Minister (during U Nu’s sabbatical, Lead of Stable AFPFL faction with U Kyaw Nyein)

Yangon Ba Swe (Writer, Sharp shooter)

U Ba Than (RIT Mechanical Professor)

Dr. Ba Than (Rector, Institute of Medicine)

U Ba Than (Father of Chit Po Po)

U Ba Than (Father of Cyril)

U Ba Than (Father of Kenneth)

U Ba Than Aye (Myo Myint Lay, GBNF)

U Ba Than Chain (UCC)

U Ba Than Haq (Geology, Pro-Rector of RASU)

U Ba Thaung (Burma Trade)

U Ba Thaung (Father of George)

U Ba Thaw (Police, Writer)

Bohmu Ba Thaw (Maung Thaw Ka, Navy, Forward Magazine)

U Ba Thein (Father of Peter and Than Than Nwe)

U Ba Thein (Father of Glen)

U Ba Thein Tin (Burma Communist Party)

U Ba Thin (Father of Edmund and Tin Latt)

U Ba Thwin (National Planning)

Maung Ba Tin is a Burmanized form of “Mountbatten”.

ICS U Ba Tint (Father of Daw Khin Saw Tint and U Nay Oke)

U Ba Tu (Father of Pearl)

U Ba Tun is a founding member of RUBC (Rangoon University Boat Club). He served as the first President.

Dr. Ba U (President of the Union of Burma)

U Ba Wai (Table Tennis)

U Ba Win (Arzani)

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