Associative Memory

I do not have a photographic memory, but I have a reasonably good associative memory.

Here are a few facts.

  • Michael Aye attended SPHS (St. Paul’s High School) with two of my cousin brothers.
  • Myint Toe is my paternal uncle’s son.
  • Kyaw Nyunt is my maternal aunt’s son.
  • They matriculated in 1965.
  • Michael attended RIT with Myint Toe.
  • Both graduated with Mechanical Engineering in 1971.
  • Michael and Kyaw Nyunt settled in the USA.
  • Michael was a Best Man at Kyaw Nyunt’s wedding.
  • Michael’s wife Audrey was a classmate of my sister-in-law at St. Philomena’s Convent.
  • Audrey’s brother Dr. Khin Maung Wint (Sargalay) was a classmate of my brother-in-law at St. Paul’s High School.
  • Ma Pearl (Dr. Sargalay’s wife) is the sister of Saya Melvyn (M65, GBNF).
  • Ma Nolene (Saya Melvyn’s wife) is the sister of Ko Tin Aung Win (Tom) and U Nyi Nyi Than (spouse of Sayama Toni).
  • Dorothy (Ko Tin Aung Win’s wife) is the younger daughter of Saya U Kyaw Tun (EE, GBNF).
  • Elizabeth (Dorothy’s elder sister) was my classmate at PPBRS.

The information pieces can be linked or associated.


Let BIL stand for Brother-in-Law.


Tin Aung Win
= BIL(Saya Melvyn)
= BIL(BIL(Dr. Sargalay))
= BIL(BIL(BIL(Michael Aye)))


Try to connect the dots between Michael and Yours Truly in several ways.

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