Countdown to the Reunion [2]

Post : 2000

(September 19, 2000)

Dear Sayas and Colleagues,

Since the alumni attending the Reunion and Saya Pu Zaw span five decades, we need help from representative(s) of each decade to highlight that era and to introduce the alumni. I’ll try my best to give an overall demographics of the alumni attending the first ever Grand Reunion and Saya Pu Zaw Pwe.

Saya H. Num Kok (Civil) and Saya U Ba Toke (Maths) are the most senior sayas [by age] among those attending the Saya Pu Zaw Pwe. They also taught most of the sayas and senior alumni. Two brothers of Saya U Num Kok are also alumni. H. Num Fatt has not registered for the Reunion, but H. Num Pon (a) Saya U Myint Lwin (C61) will be at the Reunion. For many years, Saya U Num Kok acted as line judge at the RUBC8 regattas. Saya U Myint Lwin rowed for the Faculty of Engineering.

Saya U Ba Toke taught mathematics to the engineering students. Saya later served as Professor of Mathematics at the Rangoon University, Rector at MASU, and as Professor of Mathematics at RIT. He retired last year from Assumption University (formerly ABAC), Bangkok, Thailand. While at RIT, Saya U Ba Toke chaired numerous organizations including “Thu-khu-ma a-nu-pyin-nya” (Fine arts) and sports.

The sponsors of Saya U Ba Toke include Saya U Tin Htut (M60), Saya Allen Htay (C58), Ko Zaw Min Nawaday (EP70), Ko Maung Maung Than (M79), and Ko Mya Thwin (Philip, EE75).

Here is an e-mail I received earlier from Saya U Myint Lwin.

Dear Hla Min:

Thank you for your e-mail and the invitation to the RIT Reunion. It should be a memorable event. I will put the date in my calendar. I taught at RIT as Assistant Lecturer in CE from June 1961 to October 1962.

I visited RIT and the Rangoon University Boat Club in March 1999. RIT was closed at that time, but I was able to visit with Rector of RIT and Head of Civil Engineering Department. I look forward to the event. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

Have a great day!

Myint Lwin

Structural Design Engineer FHWA

The engineering students are known for their athletic prowess. Here is a sampling from the attendees of the Reunion:

Saya U Tin Htut (M60) is past RUBC Captain and Gold.

U Tin Htoon (A60) is past RUBC Captain and Gold. He won numerous trophies at the RUBC regattas, the National Championships, FEARA (Far East Amateur Rowing Association) and ARAE (Amateur Rowing Association of the East) regattas — Venables Bowls for coxless pairs in Calcutta 1958, and Willingdon Trophy for coxed fours in Colombo 1960. He won a silver medal for sailing in the SEAP15 games. Ko Htein Win (Richard Taw, “Chauk Pay”, M70) tended the shallow end goal for the RIT water polo team. He also represented RIT in rowing.

Ko Htaik San (Henry Kao, M81) and Ko Thura Thant Zin (M76) are RUBC Golds. They won gold medals at FEARA regattas.

Among those who represented RIT include Saya U Myint Lwin (C61), U Than Soe (RUBC Gold, M63), Ko Khin Maung Lay (T 68), Ko Khin Maung Zaw (EC76), …

Saya Dr. San Hla Aung served as timekeeper and/or starter at the RUBC regattas.

Ko Khin Maung Zaw (EC76) and Ko Thura Thant Zin (M76) played as last defender and goalie of the RIT Hockey team. KMZ served as TTZ’s coach in hockey. TTZ served as KMZ’s coach in rowing.

Ko Kyaw Sint (Edward Tai, T70) is a multi-discipline sportsman. He was the Junior National Champion in tennis, a Full Green in rowing, and University First Eleven in soccer.

Ko Jimmy Kyin (GBNF, T69), Ko Thein Aung (Met 72) and Ko Than Htike (M71) represented RIT in the weightlifting and bodybuilding contests. A picture of the youthful “Mr. University” can be seen in the “Photo Gallery”.

Ko Khin Maung Lay (T68) represented RIT in track and field, soccer and rowing. He was a member of the University [Second] Eleven.

With metta,

Hla Min

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