• Sama Duwa Sinwa Naung was to succeed Mahn Win Maung as the President of the Union of Burma.
  • But, a Coup d’etat took place on March 2, 1962.
    The rationale was to “prevent the Union from diving towards the Abyss.”
  • The 17-member Revolutionary Council came into power.
    [Per Kyemon U Thaung] : Seven of the 17 members of the Revolutionary Council did not know of the decision.
  • Mahn Win Maung was put in custody along with most senior members including Prime Minister, Ministers and Chief Justice.


  • Brigadier General T Clift (Air Force) resigned.
  • Commodore Than Pe (Navy) passed away. He is a founding member, Past Captain of RUBC. He succeeded Sir Arthur Eggar as President of RUBC.
  • Over the years, the Revolutionary Council purged some members (notably Brigadier General Aung Gyi and his associates) and added several junior members.
    The membership blew up to 30+ members.
  • Several senior officers in the armed forces were “kicked upstairs” and sent abroad as Ambassadors.
  • Some “lucky” ones received double and triple promotions.

Bad Choices

  • With the senior members of the Pyidaung Su Party (formerly Thant Shin @ Clean AFPFL) and Pha Sa Pa La (formerly Ti Mye @ Stable AFPFL) behind bars or out of the country, Marxist leaning authors borrowed some terms from the Buddhist Scriptures to come up with the “Burmese Way to [Nowhere] Socialism”.
  • Nationalization was too broad (not just the important industries), too quick and unplanned.
    A few merchants died of heart attack.
  • Demonetization (three or so times) had devastating effects on the economy of the country and the morale of the people.
  • Nepotism created second class and third class citizens.
  • Mismanagement resulted in Burma — once the “Rice Bowl of Asia” — to scarcity of rice and ultimately to be LDC (Least Developing Country).


  • I am not a Political Scientist, Social Scientist, and Management Guru to judge the shortcomings of the Past.
  • We should not blame our misfortune on Fate.
  • We could learn lessons from History and learn from the advances in the world.
  • I hope to see our beloved country free from rote learning students who do not have time or energy to develop the five Balas (or Strengths) : Kaya, Nyana, Bawga, Meikta, Caritta.

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