Old Poem — Our Unity

  • In the early 70s, I wrote a poem “Our Unity” for the Working People’s Daily (WPD) Supplement for Pyi Daung Su Nay (Union Day).
  • U Ko Lay (spouse of Sayama Daw Nyunt Nyunt Win) was the Chief Editor.
  • The poem is a dream.
  • Hope it will become a reality.
  • Pinlon / Panglong Agreement was signed on February 12, 1947.
  • Union of Burma gained Independence on January 4, 1948.
  • A Coup D’etat took place on March 2, 1962.
  • U Nu has the distinction of being the first and last Prime Minister of the Union of Burma.

Our Unity

“Wake up Grandpa, oh, do explain
The strange dream that I had today.
Out of the wilderness the Union Flag came
The stars turned in dancing flames
While the soft breeze whistled and played.

The Keinnayis swayed, then the beautiful Manao
Ozi and bamboo dances followed soon
Their rendition was without flaw
How could I help if I’ve gazed with awe
Panorama under the silvery moon

Lightning struck … thunder clapped
Storm, then torrential rain
The merry dancers were now trapped
So into the flag, they quickly stepped.
Six stars merge into brilliant flame!”

“My dearest son, the things you’ve seen
Did happen in history.
People once flocked where grass was green
Low plain, where air was fresh and clean
There was peace and harmony.

Blood-brothers lived and acted as one
In ancient Burma, that land of love
Till that fateful day when rains did come,
Flood then razed homes, great harm was done.
Survivors fled to the hills above.

They settled down in new-found places
New traits, new cultures, new way of life.
Years passed by; the different faces
Defined themselves as national races
Who all for Burma’s freedom strive.

Some day, sometime, somewhere, somehow
These races will merge again
As they clasp their hands in silent vow
To preserve this land forever and now
To defend this golden land.”

Dr. Nyunt Wai (SPHS63) wrote :

Thank you. I didn’t know you were writing poems of that caliber then. Published year?

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