Alumni Association


  • Many universities have “Alumni Relations Department” and “Alumni Association“.
  • They have dedicated personnel to reach out to alumni and hold alumni events.
  • Notable and successful alumni support their alma mater in various ways. e.g. establish new Departments, Chairs, Research facilities, Mentoring programs, Internships

Sad story

  • After the fateful Coup D’etat in 1962, all organizations (except BSPP and related ones) were banned.
  • The practice continued to the Adhamma Era, where our alma mater was branded as “Thabon Kyaung” and the Swel Daw Bins were banished.


  • With the dawning of the Pwint Linn Era, steps were taken to bring back the alma mater to former glory.
  • In February 2016, U Wynn Htain Oo, U Tin Latt and U Than Htay proposed to U Aye Myint (then Rector of YTU) the establishment of an alumni association. The Rector gladly agreed.
  • A “core” group helped with the registration of RIT-YIT-YTU Alumni Association.


  • Many alumni were not aware of the association and its objectives
  • Only a few (mostly members of the “80000 YaThay”) actively participated in the formative events
  • There was virtually no fund to operate (let alone assist the alma mater)

Help and Resolution

Then, things started to click

  • An office space for the Alumni Association was provided by YTU
  • The association received nice Logo and Banner.
  • Donations — large and small — were received (mostly for the YTU Library Modernization Project which is a requirement for the Accreditation).
    Donations were received from well-wishers (who are not alumni).
  • Membership grew by leaps and bounds.
    Even alumni overseas joined the association.
    Currently, Life membership costs K60000.
  • Saya’s Corner was established.
    Wheel chairs are available (especially for use by Sayagyis attending SPZPs).
  • Staff and Volunteers helped with the regular and ad hoc projects (such as clean-up).
  • The Annual General Meeting (AGM) was attended by alumni spanning three (or so) decades.
    Several young alumni came forward to take leadership roles.
  • The association helped with
    YTU Library Modernization Project,
    “Honoring matriculates of alumni”
    and the vetting of YTU students applying for financial aid.

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