History and Historians

Mr. Robert Hole was the English Editor for RUESU (Rangoon University Engineering Students Union) Annual Magazine. He is the father of Sayama Daw Gilmore Hole (UCC) and uncle of U Percy Maung Maung (classmate of Saya U Soe Paing at St. Paul’s High School and Stanford University).

Saya asked Mr. Robert to write for the “History of University Engineering Education in Burma/Myanmar”. Mr. Robert asked three weeks.

Said to say, Mr. Robert did not complete his assignment.

During my visit to Yangon, Gilmore invited UCC alumni to a mini-gathering at her house. We learned from Gilmore that her father had “memory retention problem”.

That is one reason I am sharing my memories before my memory declines.

History is appreciated in some countries. In the USA, there are many museums (with Docents) and historical societies (with Historians).

I volunteered as a Docent at the Computer History Museum (CHM) for a couple of years. I learned that CHM has an “Oral History” Project to record interviews of pioneers, researchers, and notable people. CHM also had live presentations: individuals and/or panels (with a moderator).

We understand that there are pressing issues (e.g. rebuilding the alma mater and our beloved motherland to their former glory), but we also need to have historical facts compiled (in writing or in interviews) and preserved.

According to the Historian from Smithsonian, “There is generally no single, correct history. Often, there are competing parallel histories.”

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