GBNF Frequency

Old post by Dr. Myint Thein (M73)

Once, I have learned:

Into the Highlands of The Mind, Let Me Go !

From U Hla Min’s RIT Updates, I read from time to time “Gone But Not Forgotten” (GBNF) news of our RIT brothers and sisters. Recently, I sadly noticed that frequency and recurrence of GBNF news is alarming. Generally, most of us have understood and accepted the occurrence of inevitable death. However, when we face the reality and imminent nearness or arrival of death, it is extremely hard (even to learn GBNF news) for us to cope with. Oh, he/she has gone. He/she did not even say goodbye. Probably, he/she might be so exhausted . . . wrestling tackling and defending the arrival of his/her last breath.

[Yours Truly Falsely (YTF) Notes:] In the not-very-olden days or socialist-shining-glorious days of 1970s of Burma, at funeral wakes and viewings . . friends and relatives used to gather, sit + talk + chew some seeds . . . kind of Kwar-Ce-Hlor or Ney-Gyar-Ce seeds (water melon seeds and sunflower seeds).

YTF doesn’t dare to let anybody near him knows, especially his nephews/nieces or any relatives friends, whenever suffer uncomfortable health problems. Because, YTF have surely noticed that . . .whenever he began just having some intermittent/continuous coughing . . . all of his nephews nieces of near and far associates went out and bought Kwar-Ce-Hlor and Nay-Gyar-Ce . . . make ready, unwaveringly sat and waited . . . anticipating willingly naively for YTF’s demise.

[Confidential, Top secret, bottom Open]. In reality, there may be nobody around him, IF they know YTF = “Naing-gan-jar-pyan RIT Alumni (Return form Abroad, RIT Descendant) has prepared a Will with Nothing for them. They do not know YTF’s regular contributions to Academy Minn Thar Gyi Ko Kyaw Thu + Associates’ Free Funeral Service Society (FFSS).

Am I prepared, Now ? None ! Nothing !

YTF is Still Extremely Greedy.

Wealth under his holy Mattress. Daily counting and re-counting.

At every AM and every PM.

The Guinness Book of World Records might keep my name on top in Greed category.

Yours Truly Falsely,
Maung Ba Thein, Atlanta.

Myint Thein, 1973 Mechanical of RIT.

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