RIT Spirit

Dying Breed?

We were told that RIT is a dying breed and that our alma mater at one point resembled a jungle. During the Adhamma Era, the staff, students and even the innocent Swel Daw Bins were banished from the Gyogone Campus. Some higher authorities branded the school as a breeding ground for Tha Bons.

Not Dead

Then, something magically happened when H.E. U Aye Myint (EP72) requested Saya U Nyi Hla Nge and interested sayas and alumni to help return the beloved alma mater to its former glory.

Despite the low availability of funds for teaching, research and maintenance, several loyal and daughters and some who did not study at the school, but have strong emotional ties to the RIT community responded with physical, financial and spiritual support.


Then came the milestones:
(1) True “Home Coming” at the Gyogone Campus (SPZP-2012)
(2) Shwe YaDu Celebrations in 2014
(with 50 Swel Daw Bins in full blossom)
(3) Alumni Association
(4) Free food all day for SPZP-2016
(5) YTU Library Modernization
addition of a storey
e-library training
plans to install HVAC (in a cost-effective manner)

Never ending worries

There were worries
(1) The estimated costs for YTU Library Project went up
(2) Maintenance needed at the Estate level
(3) Library is just one requirement for Accreditation. There are other requirements (Hardware, Software, …).
(4) A few detractors were trying to sag the spirit of the “Ko Htu Ko Hta” team


We used to recite a poem in our younger days

In life’s rosy morning
In manhood’s firm pride
Let this be the motto
Your footsteps to guide

In storm or in sunshine
Whatever assail
We’ll go onward and conquer
and never say FAIL.

Donors and Unsung Heroes

Thanks to the fund raisers and the donors.

U Wynn Htain Oo (M72) and Daw Nan Khin Nwe (M92) are outstanding fundraisers. They have a list of donors — large and small, young and old, near and far — for the projects in general, and the YTU Library Modernization Project in particular.

Kudos to the countless unsung heroes. They include anonymous donors, organizers and volunteers.

One hero is U Win Naing (C80). He is an organizer for the SPZPs held in Yangon. He and Daw Than Than Swe (C81) sponsored a memento for SPZP-2012. He also hosted practice sessions for the Swel Daw Yeik Troupe.

Another is U Thant Zin (M82). U Thant Zin is a volunteer for Swel Daw Yeik Foundation, Alumni Association, HMEE-2012 and HMEE-2018.

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