Association of Engineers in Burma after WWII

There were interviews for the HMEE-2012 project.

The account was retold by Saya U Tin U and recorded by Saya U Ba Than.

  • Re-instituted about 1955-56
  • President : Sayagyi U Ba Hli, Dean of Engineering, University of Rangoon
  • Honorary Secretary : Saya U Soon Sein (Professor, Mining)
  • Honorary Treasurer : Saya U Tin U (Part time Lecturer, Civil)

Editor’s Note :

Saya U Tin U and Saya U Ba Than are brothers. They are my first cousins.

U Tin U matriculated in 1946. He attended the University of Rangoon before going for studies in the USA. He completed BCSE from the University of Oregon and MCSE from Yale University. Upon his return to Burma, he worked in the industry and taught part-time at the Civil Engineering department.

U Ba Than matriculated in 1947. He won Collegiate Scholarship. He won the Gold Medal for scoring the highest marks in the Intermediate of Science examination. He studied Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College, University of London. He joined the Faculty of Engineering as Assistant Lecturer. As a requirement for promotion, he did his Masters at Imperial College. He retired as Professor of Mechanical Engineering. Saya is an early supporter of the HMEE-2012 project. He donated his photo albums. He also cooperated with U Thaw Kaung to allow Saya U Soe Paing and his team to access the archives of Rangoon University Central Library.

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