Some thoughts

Liberal education is usually offered at the Bachelor’s level.

Teaching is only one aspect. A teacher learns by teaching and receiving feedback from the students. A teacher should be a life long learner.

A university degree was necessary for getting decent jobs. Now, there are some companies that do not mandate a university degree for selected jobs.

In the beginning, there were no computers and no Computer Science. Among the computer pioneers were engineers (Electrical, Chemical, …), mathematicians (Pure, Applied,…), physicists (Theoretical, …), psychologists, linguists, …

Edgser W. Dijkstra, who won the ACM Turing Award (equivalent of Nobel Prize in Computer Science) had to put “Theoretical Physicist” in his marriage license instead of “Programmer” or “Computer Scientist”.

The same is true for any emerging discipline.

Research and Development (R&D) transcends multiple disciplines. It requires collaboration.

We should not encourage Rote Learning & mindless repetition. “Learning how to learn” and similar courses propose efficient and effective techniques.

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