Nick names

The following are some nick names. Several of them are common.

  • A Yan Kan
  • Ashay Gyi (see also “Chauk Pay”, “Tar Tay Gyi”)
  • Bagyi Aung
  • Bei Oo
  • Char Taik (see also “Chota”, “Sho Pay”)
  • Chauk Pay
  • Chota
  • Dawood Da Chuut
  • E Kyar Kway
  • Gaw Ma Suhn
  • Ge Ma Lauk (see also “Mike Khe”, “Pho So Chin”)
  • Hmaw Sayagyi
  • Hne Khan Hmwe (see also “Mote Seit”)
  • Ja Bu (see also “Shorty”)
  • Jar Yit (see also “Yaung Gyi Bway”)
  • Kyaung Pyaw
  • Lann Bo
  • Lann Tha Ye
  • Mike Khe
  • Mote Seit
  • Nga Paw
  • Pho So Chin
  • Pho Thudaw
  • Phut Kyar
  • Sa Yay Lay
  • Saya Maung
  • Sho Pay
  • Shorty
  • Shwee
  • Shwe Gaung Byaung
  • So Si
  • Tar Tay Gyi
  • Than Gyaung
  • Thar Baung Nyar Toke
  • U Seik To and Myauk Nyo
  • Ye Gyan
  • Ywa Sar Gyi
  • Zut

Nick names of our contemporaries

May Pa Le is a two-handed compliment given to selected female RIT students (e.g. Daw Yee Yee Aung (EC67)).
It means “a belle who is Pearly White”.
It’s concoction “Mae Pa Le” means “So dark [and beautiful].”

Saya U Ko Gyi taught Mathematics. He is known for reciting the first 100 digits of PI (a constant which is 3.14159265 …). He used Rocket in some of his classes. For some reason, he named Daw Tin Tin Myint (Emma, ChE70) as “Rocket”. The classmates who witnessed the naming can provide details.

La La is a form of “Kala” or “Kalar”. Some young dark-skinned kids (e.g. U Aye Win Hlaing (EP72))are given the nickname.

Ajala was a Nigerian student who led demonstrations in front of the US Embassy (in our younger days). One or more students (e.g. U Moe Hein (ChE69)) with a loud voice (which is very helpful in supporting RIT athletes in the Inter-Institute Tournaments) is given the nick name.

  • Maung Kabar was an adorable Cartoon character.
  • U Myint Soe (C68, GBNF) and U Myint Thein (M69, GBNF) are named “Kabar” (short for Maung Kabar).
  • U Khin Maung Lwin (“Kyet Taw“) is General Secretary of RIT-YIT-YTU Alumni Association. He is a core organizer of the Combined Class of 87 and 91. (There is no convocation for 1988, 1989 and 1990). He was active in 8888 movement. He also organized Golf Tournaments for Sayas and Alumni.
  • Dr. Nyan Taw (“Kyet Taw“, Dicky, SPHS63, RUBC Gold) is an expert in Marine Biology. He worked for Pearl and Fishery Corporation before moving abroad (e.g. Indonesia) for UN and Private Sector assignments (e.g. raising Prawns). His mother is credited with helping Bogyoke Aung San evade the heels of the Police.

There are several named Phone Gyi. Despite the name, all of them are happily married. They include :

  • U Tin Tun (“Phone Gyi“, SPHS63, M69)
  • U Tin Shein (“Phone Gyi“, M69, Chinlon)
  • U Soe Myint (“Phone Gyi“, M72, Pro-Rector of ICST, GBNF)

U Sein Myint (EP69) has an alternative name with “Kwet” in it. His friends jokingly called him “Khwet“.

U Khin Maung Win (EP69) was called “Sargalay” in 2nd BE. He became taller than most of his classmates, and said, “I am now LADA“.

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