Min Oo

Min Oo (Seated left)

Dr. Min Oo (Kenneth Khine, SPHS63) stood second in the Matriculation examination in 1963.

He was among the youngest in the class, but he was also among the brightest.

Min Oo (Seated far right)

He can be seen sitting far right in the group photo taken in VIII (A) at SPHS.

Language expert

Grapevine says that he was reading a German book before entering the hall to take the Matriculation examination. He scored distinctions in English, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

Mathematics Genius

One Tuition Saya challenged his students. “Ask your teachers to solve the problem. I will give you free tuition if you can provide the correct answer.” One student asked Min Oo, who was enjoying a card game. Min Oo scribbled the answer during the card game. The Tuition Saya had a “blown ego” and broke his promise to give the student a free tuition.

Saya U Aung Sein (Retired Associate Professor of Mathematics) saw Min Oo get out of the Tutorial classes after a few minutes and yet had perfect score. Saya decided to give challenging questions for a Tutorial. Min Oo took longer time than the easier Tutorials, but most of the other students could not get a passing grade.

Lu Ye Chun Student and Staff

Min Oo was chosen as Tekkatho Lu Ye Chun in his second year and as a Saya for the Tekkatho Lu Ye Chun camp after he joined the Faculty. As a multiple Tekkatho Lu Ye Chun from IM(1), Dr. Khin Maung U (First in Burma in Matriculation of 1963) was present at two camps with Min Oo. Dr. Khin Maung U remembers Min Oo with a cigar trying to look like a Saya.


Min Oo received two doctorates in Mathematics from Germany. He taught at McMasters University in Canada. He voluntarily retired in 2015.

He also taught as a Visiting Professor in selected US Universities.

Dr. Nyan Taw (SPHS63) wrote :

Yes – Min Oo is the brightest. Proud to be his class mate. SPHS VIA group photo Min Oo also Khin Mg U sitting.


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