Aung Khin and Thein Wai

Aung Khin (GBNF) and Thein Wai are sons of Dr. Ko Gyi (Eye, also Warden of the Hostel for Medical College). They have an elder brother and an elder sister.

Aung Khin

Aung Khin joined DSA.

He was assigned to Wazi Project, and lost contact with most former classmates.

He later moved to PPIC.

He had two kidney transplants, but sadly both failed.

[Per his cousin Aung Kyi ] : Aung Khin succumbed while waiting for a third. Aung Khin’s daughter is in the US.

Thein Wai

Thein Wai (Middle of back row)

Thein Wai is the youngest son of Saya Dr. Ko Gyi.

He stood 5th in the Matriculation examination in 1963 and won the Collegiate Scholarship.

He attended IM(2) and later migrated to the USA.

He is a tall guy (probably the tallest in the Group Photo). He can be seen in the middle of the back row.

Some alumni of IM(2) had contact with him.

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