Names : Ba and Bo

Updated : July 21, 2019

The list is not exhaustive.


  • U Ba (Educator)
  • U Ba Chit was an actor.
  • Ba Dway is the younger brother of one’s father. e.g. Dr. Htin Aung is Ba Dway of Dr. Thane Oke Kyaw Myint.
  • U Ba Gyan was a Minister, who escaped death on July 19, 1947. He is the elder brother of U Ba Shan.
  • U Ba Gyan (cartoonist). Cartoons are exhibited around Tazaungdaing in his honor.
  • Ba Gyi is the elder brother of one’s father. e.g U Tin Tut is Ba Gyi of Dr. Thane Oke Kyaw Myint.
  • Ba Gyi Aung is a fictional character from Saya Minthuwun’s short story. Saya’s literary friends translated Saya’s poem and the short story and published them along with the Burmese original.
  • Dr Ba Han compiled a Dictionary. He is the elder brother of Dr Ba Maw. Judson, U Tun Nyein, and Tet Toe are compilers of English-Burmese Dictionary. Judson also compiled the Burmese-English Dictionary.
  • Dr. Ba Han (SPHS66) is a Psychiatrist who practiced in New York State before relocating to Texas. He is the younger brother of U Win Htein, U Myo Myint and U Myint Thein.
  • U Ba Hein was Principal of No. (6) Botathaung State High School (name of SPHS after Nationalization).
  • U Ba Hla Oung lost his son Ko Aung Khin (supposedly the 17th victim) on July 7, 1962.
  • U Ba Htan, U Ba Tun, U Kauk (later monk) and Koyingyi U Ni were our hosts when we first visited Popa. Our paternal grandmother sponsored the development of Popa Taung Ka Lat.
  • U Ba Htwe is a cartoonist.
  • U Ba Htwe is the father of Daw Thandar Htwe (UCC).
  • Yebaw Ba Ket wrote “The Last Days of Thakin Than Tun”.
  • Arzani Mahn Ba Khaing is the father of Sayama Daw Myint Myint Khaing (Maths).
  • Bohmu Ba Ko was a member of the “Psychological Warfare”. He studied at Yale University. (Thanks U Than Moe for the correction). He ended up as an actor, director and writer. U Nyunt Wai remembered reading about Yale University by Bo Ba Ko.
  • U Ba Kun won Mr. Burma (Maung Bamar). He became an actor.
  • Myoma Sayagyi U Ba Lwin was Chief Boy Scout of Burma. He served as Ambassador to Ceylon (Sri Lanka). His children include USIS/USIA U Kyaw Nyein, U Kyaw Thein Lwin (Burma Navy, Five Star Line), Saya Dr. Yan Naing Lwin (WIU) and U Than Lwin (US State Department).
  • U Ba Maung (Father of Saya Joe Ba Maung (RIT English, Burma Tennis Champion in Singles and also in Doubles (with U Than Lwin). Saya Joe transferred to Burma Railways, He headed the sports activities (soccer, tennis, …) of Burma Railways.
  • U Ba Maung (Father of Uzin Philip Ba Maung (GBNF)
  • Dr. Ba Maw (“Adipidi”- figure head – Japanese occupation) was a leader of the “Sin Ye Tha Party”. He is the father of Sayama Daw Tinsa Maw-Naing, who taught English in our I.Sc.(A) class.
  • Saya U Ba Maw (Geology)
  • Saya U Ba Min studied Mathematics and Astronomy in the USA.
  • Saya U Ba Myint (EE63) retired as Pro-Rector of YTU.
  • Bagyi Ba Pe led a political party named “Pe – Pu – Shein”.
  • Dr. Ba Pu (orthopedics) is the brother in law of Dr. Pe Nyun and Dr. Pe Thein.
  • U Ba San (Father of Dr. Myo San (Freddie Ba San, GBNF))
  • U Ba San (Father of Dr. Naing Tint San (Peter Ba San))
  • U Ba San (Father of Polly Ba San (Polly Win, Swimming))

  • U Ba Shan served as Secretary of the Mathematics Curriculum Committee. He is the younger brother of “Pagan” U Ba Gyan (Minister) who escaped with a bullet wound on the fateful July 19, 1947. He is the father of U Boe Ba Shan (UCC).
  • Bohmu Ba Shin authored a history book. He served as Secretary of the Thamaing (History) Commission. He is the father of Dr. Nyan Htein (MOC).
  • U Ba Swe (aka Kyargyi Ba Swe, Dawei) served as Defense Minister and briefly as Prime Minister (when U Nu took sabbatical). He led the Swe-Nyein faction of AFPFL (aka Ti Mye or Stable AFPFL) with U Kyaw Nyein as his deputy.
  • Yangon Ba Swe ( author, socialist) was a sharp shooter. He is credited for shooting at Galon U Saw.
  • U Ba Thike (Father of Dr. Winsome Ba Thike, Dr. Katherine Ba Thike and Dr. James Ba Thike)
  • Maung Ba Tin is a Burmanized form of “Mountbatten”.
  • U Ba Tin (Father of Daw San San Tin (Cynthia, Writer, Journalist))
  • U Ba Thaung (Burma Trade, Father of U Thaung Win)
  • U Ba Thaung (Father of George Ba Thaung (Maung Maung Win, RUBC))
  • ICS U Ba Tint was a Deputy of ICS U Tin Tut and became his Brother-in-law. He is the father of Sayama Daw Khin Saw Tint and U Nay Oke Tint.
  • Ba Thein (Atlanta) is the pen name of Dr. Myint Thein (M73).
  • U Ba Thein (Entrepreneur, Musician)
  • U Ba Thin (Father of Edmund Ba Thin and U Tin Latt)
  • U Ba Thwin was a Government Secretary.
  • Sayagyi U Ba Toke served as Rector of Mandalay University, Professor of Mathematics at Rangoon University and RIT, Commandant for University Lu Ye Chun Camp, Manager and Leader of Burma Olympic Team. Dr. Khin Maung Swe (Maung Thin Char) interviewed Sayagyi and wrote a book.
  • U Ba Tun is a founding member of RUBC (Rangoon University Boat Club). He served as the first President.
  • Dr. Ba U (President, Union of Burma) succeeded Sao Shwe Thike. He was succeeded by Mahn Win Maung. He wrote “My Burma”.
  • Ba Yin Gale was a top jockey. The jockeys had to retire when the then No. 1 banned horse racing for the public. Grapevine says that No. 1 never attended the Arzani Day Celebrations in July (to enjoy the horse races in UK).
  • U Ba Wai was Burma Table Tennis Champion.
  • Arzani U Ba Win is the brother of U Aung Than and Bogyoke Aung San. He is the father of Dr. Sein Win.

Ba (in middle or end of name)

  • Dr Reggie Ba Pe (physician) and his son Reggie Ba Pe Jr. are medical doctors.
  • Shwe Ba was an actor with a large following. Grapevine says that the outdoor movie screen was hit by a brick when an audience member could not bear Shwe Ba being hit mercilessly. The next day, there was an announcement. “Please be patient for a while. Ko Shwe Ba will soon overcome and punish his adversaries.” He is also known for saying “Ba, Shwe Ba” (Imitating “Bond, James Bond”).
    There’s a Myanmar restaurant called “Shwe Ba Hta Min Saing” (honoring the action actor who lived nearby).


  • Dr. Aung Myin Bo is not related to Saya U Khin Aung Bo. They share the passion for studying, researching and teaching Veda at MARB.
  • Bo Bo Han (Tony Hundley) is a vocalist. He is the brother in law of Mra Tun (former leader of the TAMPS band, COBOL programmer).
  • Sayadaw U Bo Gyi (A59) co-founded Architects Incorporated with U Tin Htoon (A60) and U Aung Kyee Myint (A60). Their office became a gathering place for artists such as Paw Oo Thet, Director Win Pe, U Khin Maung Yin (A60). The three amigos later joined PWD. U Bo Gyi designed the Mausoleum for Bogyoke Kadaw Daw Khin Kyi, and the higher authorities neglected him after that. He gave up playing the piano, modeling buildings, and drinking to become a permanent monk.
  • Sandaya Bo Gyi is a pianist and composer.
  • Dr. Bo Lay was a Deputy Minister. He translated several Veda texts.
  • U Khin Aung Bo was one of the sayas who were asked to teach Political Science. He is President of MARB.
  • Khin Maung Bo (Alan, SPHS63, EP69) was my classmate at SPHS and RIT.
  • Commander Khin Maung Bo was the first Burmese Chief of Staff for the Navy. He is Past Captain and Gold of RUBC.
  • Dr. Win Boh (EC76) represented RIT in Hockey along with U Khin Maung Zaw (KMZ, EC76). He received his Doctorate in Computer Science from Ohio State University. His spouse graduated with Civil. They are active supporters of the Sitagu Monastery in Texas.
  • U Win Boh (Robert, EC69) would write lengthy posts in Mixed Case and then disappear for a few months. He is a guitarist, vocalist, volunteer with Australian Red Cross, Kappiya at an Australian monastery, survivor of two strokes and mouth cancer. He joined DCA where Saya U Soe Min transferred after his training from UK, and also served as the Best Man at Saya’s wedding.

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