Names : Swe

  • Kyargyi Ba Swe (Dawei) served as Interim Prime Minister (when U Nu took sabbatical) of the Union of Burma. He led the Swe-Nyein faction of AFPFL (Stable AFPFL, Ti Mye) with U Kyaw Nyein.
  • Yangon Ba Swe is credited to take aim at Galon U Saw.
  • Sayagyi Dr. Chit Swe founded UCC with the help of Saya U Soe Paing, Saya U Myo Min and Saya U Ko Ko Lay (GBNF). Saya Chit served concurrently as the Professor of Mathematics Department at RASU and as Director of UCC. Saya Chit is my mentor. He asked me to help on several projects including High School Mathematics, CTK (Children’s Treasury of Knowledge), TOSS (Team of System Specialists). Saya trusted in my writing and editing skills.
  • Sandaya Chit Swe was among the three Top composer/pianists along with Gita Lu Lin Maung Ko Ko and Sandaya Hla Htut.
  • U Chit Swe won the Senior Novices along with U Than Soe, U Yin Maung and U Hla Moe (Cox). They represented the Faculty of Engineering at the subsequent regattas.
  • U Kyaw Swe (Academy award winning actor and director, Spouse of Sayama Daw Nwe (Yale alumni) and Khin Yu May (Actress, Vocalist))
  • U Kyaw Swe (Coop)
  • U Myint Swe (69er)
  • U Myint Swe (EP74, Past Secretary and current Vice President of NorCal RITAA)
  • U Myint Swe (Bogyoke, Vice President of Myanmar)
  • [Per KMZ] : U Myint Swe, husband of late Nge Ma Ma Than, both ex-UCC, is one of the pioneers/leading figures in E-Government projects for States and Divisions of Myanmar.
  • U Sway Tin (Son of U Tin Gyi, Father of U Min Sway Tin (Physics, Electronics), Uncle of Sayama Toni (English) and U Henry Thet Tun (M75, Australia)) is a devotee of Mogok Sayadaw U Vimala. He recorded Sayadaw’s dhamma tape and translated some talks e.g. “Die with a smile”.
  • U Swe Tin (Kyauk Pya, EC77, Son of U Aung Gyi (Academy U Kyauk Lone))
  • Saya U Tin Swe (EE53) studied at the University of Michigan. He represented Prome Hall and the Faculty of Engineering in football (soccer). He played Tennis. He was an early adopter and power user at UCC.

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