Names : R (Revision 0.1)

Updated : August 10, 2019

The list is not exhaustive.
Need feedback for omissions and corrections.

  • Daw Renee Kaung Zan (UCC)


  • Richard Hla Thin (Htin Aung)
  • Richard Khoo (Kyaw Lynn, ChE75)
  • Richard Maung (PBRS)
  • Dr. Richard Yu Khin (MEHS61)

  • Dr. Rimon Than (Doctor, Squadron Leader, GBNF)
  • Dr. Rina Sircar (Professor) : co-founder of TKAM
  • Ringo (Musician)
  • Daw Rita Tin Aung (Librarian, USIS)


  • Robert Chan (San Lin, EC73)
  • Robert Gale (Khin Maung Oo, EC66)
  • Robert Gyi (Win Boh, EC69)
  • Dr. Robert Shin (Myo Shin, MEHS63)


  • Dr. Robin Ban (Kyaw Win, SPHS61)
  • Robin Swe (PBRS)


  • Roger Po Saw (GBNF)
  • Roger Sha (BAPS)


  • Roland Thein (Khin Maung Win, EE)
  • Ronald Lwee (Linn Kyi, C74)
  • Ronald Lwin (Dr. San Lwin, GBNF)

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