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Updated : August 8, 2019

  • EI
  • Energy
  • Feature
  • Fire
  • Gandhi and Nehru
  • Garawa
  • Google
  • Heart
  • Heritage
  • Language Classification
  • Library
  • Luyechun


EI may stand for Emotional Intelligence. It is often expressed as EQ (E Quotient).

Sayagyi Dr. Aung Gyi gave a Key Note at SPZP-2000 on the importance of EI and EQ.

EI may stand for Electrical Inspectorate. The Chief Elecrical Inspector used to be Visiting Lecturer at RIT. EI conducts Basic courses and Refresher courses. Saya U Moe Aung taught at several of the courses.


In High School Physics, we learned about Potential Energy and Kinetic Energy. We studied some old laws such as the “Law of Conservation of Energy”.

Energy comes in different forms (e.g. Mechanical, Thermal, Electric, Chemical, Nuclear).

Alternative energy sources (e.g. Solar, Wind) were marketed with Tax Incentives.

E = M C^2 (squared) is a overly simple explanation of the generation of nuclear energy.

The A-bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki led to debates on the appropriate use of nuclear energy.

Doomsayers feel that Apocalypse due to Nuclear War is highly likely.

Most countries initially do not care about environmental changes caused by the production and use of energy.

Some later care too much about the environment. The restrictions and bans (e.g. on the use of fossil fuels due to potential pollution) had economic bearing on some nations.

Trends include Renewable Energy, and Sustainable Energy.


During the design phase, the product manager and the developers categorize the requirements as (a) Must have (b) Nice to have.

During extensive testing and often much later, bugs (of varying severity) show up. Some subtle errors are dubbed “features”.

Facebook has a couple of features.

In group photos with Yours Truly, FB would tag me as my brother. The error might be due to the

  • facial recognition system (which is not yet perfect)
  • unintentional tagging (by some user hitting the wrong key when asked to tag)
  • the guesstimate (“guess estimate”) algorithm to “match” faces and names (in the post)

I would often get friend requests from some questionable FB users.

  • There are several who belong to 50+ (or 100+) groups. I am not sure whether they are humans with lots of free time, or robots.
  • The meaning of a friend (e.g. A friend in need is a friend indeed) has been “downgraded”.
  • Some have no photos and bare info on their timeline.

The “View As” feature contributed to an opportunity for data miners, hackers and crackers.


Fire is a good servant but a bad master. Fire is one of man’s five enemies.

There are several causes of fire. They include :

  • failure of power and gas lines
  • lightning
  • negligence
  • hate crimes
  • arson.

Three Wild Fires in California

In 2018, three fires occurred in California almost at the same time and caused severe damage. It was a relief to learn that the Burmese in California are not affected by the fires.

Fire in Northern California

Camp Fire devastated Paradise in Northern California and transformed it into Hell.

Smoke from the “worst fire in California” polluted air to cities near and fire. Several people wore masks. The term “worst” refers to the fact that the number of structures (buildings, garages, and barns) destroyed by Camp Fire is a new record.

Some were trapped inside the cars while trying to flee. Some had to leave their cars behind. A few managed to walk to safety.

Fire in Southern California

Fire occurred in two places in Southern California.

  • Thousand Oaks had a double tragedy : fire following a senseless mass murder.
  • Malibu — home of selected actors and actresses — was also hit by fire.

Gandhi and Nehru

Born Mohandas K Gandhi, he became known as “Mahatma” and “Gandhiji”.

Indira Gandhi is the daughter of Jawaharlal Nehru, Prime Minister of India. Nehru’s letter to his daughter became a model for some writers (e.g. Saya U Aung Zaw [UCC]).

Three leaders U Nu, Nehru and Nasser took part in the Thingyan Festival. They had signed for the formation of the Non-Aligned Movement.

Nehru’s India was a close Ally of Burma. Grapevine says that the shipment of arms by Nehru helped prevent the fall of Rangoon into the arms of the Insurgents.

Nehru was not all out for the choice of spouse by Indira. Mahatma blessed the bridegroom with the “Gandhi” name.

Rajiv Gandhi (the elder son) chose to be a commercial pilot.

Sanjay Gandhi (the younger son) was active in politics, but he was assassinated.

Rajiv Gandhi was coaxed to enter politics. He succeeded his mother, who was assassinated by her former body guards to avenge the “Storming of the Golden [Sikh] Temple”.

Mahatma, Sanjay, Indira and Rajiv all lost their lives prematurely.

Dr. Thane Oke Kyaw Myint wrote :

When Nehru and Indira Gandhi spent time with my father when he first visited Burma. Signed copies of “Letters to a Daughter” and “Glimpses of World History” were given to my father. After U Myint Thein was arrested, soldiers came to search our house. Many books were taken away including Nehru’s books. Father was told that the books would be returned but they never came back.


It is a time honored tradition to pay respect to one’s parents, mentors and elders.

Garawa can be performed at any time.

Thadingyut is one occasion where most Burmese pay respect to their elders.

In our younger days, some come to our parent’s house with BOC candles, bananas, or token items of gratitude.

Ceremonies for Garawa include Thet Kyee Pu Zaw Pwe and Saya Pu Zaw Pwe.


Google is a deliberate misspelling of Googol (1e100, or 1 followed by 100 zeros).

Google is not the first search engine, but it leveraged the power of multiple processors, Page ranking, translation, and Ad Sense.

Several books have been written about Google, GooglePlex, and the various products not only through R&D but also through acquired through logistic M&A.

Google bought Android and made it open source. Android-based mobile devices are ubiquitous. It is also noted that Google was able to fend off a lawsuit for “copyright violation of Java”.

Google is an active sponsor of ACM and CHM (Computer History Museum). It held company meetings and exhibits (including “Google Street Maps” and “Autonomous Vehicles”).

Vint Cerf, Past ACM President, is a co-author of TCP/IP. He serves as the Internet Evangelist at Google.

Google had a few “hits” by the publishing industry and authors, when it tried to scan books, journals, and documents to make it available online.

Per Professor Luc’s remarks, Googlers thinks outside the box and have passion. They not only think, but also enjoy thinking.


Heart is a body organ.

Heart attacks may result in death.

Heart aches and heart breaks are painful.

Heart Beat

Systems send “Heart Beat” to inform that they are still active.

Some Sayas and alumni contacted me that they had not received my “RIT Alumni International News Update” for some time. They were worried that I might not be well.

I had sent a “Heart Beat” to my sayas and colleagues that my writings can be read from four places :

  • My Time Line
  • RIT Updates (FB page)
  • lifelonglearning140.wordpress.com (free web site which contains archive of my posts)
  • hlamin.com (paid web site which contains revised versions of my posts)

Sacred Heart

Sacred Heart is a school in Rangoon. It is close to SPHS (St. Paul’s High School).

Heartians (alumni of Sacred Heart) include

  • U Tin Htut (Harry, Mon Yu, M69)
  • U Tin Aung Win (Oscar, M69)
  • U Win Boh (Robert, EC69).


The Heart Line is a major Line in Palmistry.

Heart is a symbol used in Social Media.

Hearts is a Card Game.

“From the bottom of my heart”, “With all my heart”, “Heart and soul” and “Heart to Heart” and “Heart break hotel” are lyrics from the Oldie Songs.


Heritage may stand for property handed over to an heir.

Heritage may mean tradition.

Heritage may mean something that is transmitted by or acquired from a predecessor.

UNESCO provides grant for sites that have been designated as “Unesco Heritage Site”.

Yangon Heritage Trust has recognized SPHS (St. Paul’s High School), St. John’s College (originally called St. John’s Diocesan [Boys] School), Myoma National School and MEHS (Methodist English High School) as Heritage Sites.

In the USA, some sites and buildings are deemed to be “historic” (e.g. 150+ years old). Restrictions are placed on how to upgrade them.


The Chief Librarians for Universities’ Central Library (UCL) include BBS U Khin Zaw (“K”), U Thein Han (Zawgyi) and U Thaw Kaung.

U Khin Zaw, father of U Wint Khin Zaw, served as the first director of “Myanmar Ah Than” (Burma Broadcasting Service).

U Thein Han co-founded the “Khit San Sar Pay”. He is a Laureate Poet.

U Thaw Kaung and Saya U Ba Than (M) were the early supporters of the HMEE (History of Myanmar Engineering Education) project. U Thaw Kaung provided access to the library archives for Saya U Soe Paing (EE, UCC) and his team to compile an early draft for the HMEE-2012 book.

Universities and Colleges around the world usually maintain libraries and offer cross-loans for rare books and documents.

There are Public Libraries and Private Libraries.

Before the Internet, most libraries use the Dewey Decimal System for cataloging books. Since the distribution of the books is not uniform, some books have several decimal digits following the original three digit category.

ISBN is used by major publishers. A Stanford University Arts Professor wanted to use “The Illustrated History of Buddhism ” by Ashin Janakabhivamsa (Taung Myo Sayadaw) and illustrated by Saya U Ba Kyi. Since the book did not have an ISBN, the book could not be ordered and sold through the University Book Store.

The Library of Congress has a large collection of books. It also has a section for books from Asian countries. The books in the Burma Collection are cataloged using phonetic transcription of the Burmese title.

U Win Pe (Maung Swan Yi) served as Secretary of the Burmese Curriculum and later studied Library Science. He wrote an article in Myanmar Gazette about collecting Burmese books for access via the New York libraries and the Library of Congress.

Language Classification

There are several ways to classify languages.

In Computer Science and applications, a Programming Language is a language used to program (e.g. instruct) computers.

In the early days, computer engineers and selected programmers have to program in Machine Language (with strings of Zeroes and Ones). They are due partly to the choice of Binary Number System as the basis of designing Arithmetic and Logic Unit inside the computer.

On the ICL 1902S computer, we often have to use the 24 keys to enter short pieces of Machine Code. That is history.

To bridge the human users and the computers, the next step was to use Assembly Languages such as (a) Simple/Symbolic Assembly Language (b) Macro Assembly Language.

A Macro Processor translates Macros (a well-defined group of Assembly Language instructions).

An Assembler translates a program in Assembly Language into Machine Language instructions.

The development of the first 11 (or so) programming languages can be found in the first HOPL (History of Programming Languages).

Currently, there are thousands of programming languages (some for academic purposes) and a limited number used for production.

Over the years, the style of programming evolved. The list is not exclusive.

  • Procedural programming (e.g. telling the computer system what to do, emphasis on the “verbs”)
  • Non-procedural programming (e.g. telling the computer system what one wants)
  • Object Oriented programming (e.g. emphasis on the “nouns”)
  • Functional programming (e.g. based on “functions”)
  • Logic programming (e.g. based on “Horn logic” and similar logic systems)
  • Top down step wise developmen
  • Bottom up & Middle out technique
  • AI programming

With each paradigm, there are several programming languages with known advantages and limitations.

There is a theoretical model called “Turing Machine”, which is primitive but has the computational power of modern computers.

Alan Perlis, a pioneer Computer Scientist and Programming Language Designer, defined a “Turing Tar Pit, where everything is possible [to compute], but nothing is easy.”


Luyechun may stand for Outstanding Student.

The Luyechun Camp was opened at Ngapali Shwe Wah Chaing in 1964. Luyechuns were selected for 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th standards. U Win Aung (M70, TTC) and U Win Myint (Mergui, UCC) were some of the 10th Standard Luyechuns in 1964.

A second Luyechun Camp was opened at Inlay Khaung Daing in 1965. Tekkatho Luyechuns were selected for the first time.

Dr. Khin Maung U (IM1), Dr. Soe Aung (IM2), Dr. Min Oo (Maths), Dr. Tun Naung (BDS), U Sein Shwe (RIT), U Hla Min (RIT), U Zaw Min (RIT) and Daw Khin Than Myint Tin (RIT) were some of the Tekkatho Luyechuns in 1965.

There were Htat Kwan (Multiple) Luyechuns. Some were selected four or more times.

As a saya from UCC, DCS and ICST, I was invited as a Guest Speaker to the Ngapali Camp. Saya U Kyaw Myint (DHE) was also a Guest Speaker.

The Luyechun Program folded in 1988.

A few years back, Luyechun (1964-1988) Group was formed. U Win Aung and Daw Pwint Than are active in the Group. U Win Aung posted an Obituary of a member (age 62) from that Group.

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