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Updated : August 8, 2019


  • Pantanaw U Khant (Brother of U Thant, father of Sydney Khant)
  • Khant Khant Gyi” is a photo studio.
  • Bohmu Maung Maung Khant (SPHS, GBNF)


  • Daw Khin Khin Gyi was one of the early female photographers. She also wrote under the pen name “Padamya Khin”.
  • Daw Khin Khin Gyi is a Lecturer in History.
  • U Khin Pe Gyi was Manager/Publisher of Rangoon Gazette and some souvenir programs for RUBC Regattas.


  • U Ko Gyi taught Mathematics at RIT. He is known for reciting the first 100 digits of PI, and for naming Daw Tin Tin Myint (Emma, ChE70) as “Rocket”.
  • Dr. Ko Gyi (Ophthalmologist, Dean of students, Institute of Medicine 1) is the father of U Aung Khin (SPHS63, DSA, GBNF) and Dr. Thein Wai (SPHS63). He was Warden of Medical College Hostel. He was also the Medical Superintendent of the Eye ENT hospital (former Seventh Day Hospital in Signal Pagoda Road).
  • Dr. Ko Ko Gyi (Professor of Chemistry)
  • Dr. Ko Ko Gyi (Professor of Zoology)
  • U Ko Ko Gyi played football for Tennessarim (Tanin thar yi) Division, Customs and Burma.


  • Saya U Kyaw Thein (C)
  • U Kyaw Thein (DCA, Past Captain and Gold of RUBC)
  • Saya Dr. Kyaw Thein (Maths, Rector of ICST)
  • U Kyaw Thein (C69)
  • Bohmu Kyaw Thein (PBRS, DSA)
  • Bohmu Kyaw Thein Lwin (Son of Myoma Sayagyi U Ba Lwin) served in the Navy and Five Star Lines before forming his own company.


  • Daw Kyu Kyu Lwin (UCC, Social Security Board, GBNF)
  • Kyu Kyu Thin (Writer)
  • Kyu Hmwe (Writer)
  • Daw Kyu Kyu Lin (Bawlone, T75) represented RIT in Volleyball. She owns restaurants.
  • Dr. Kyu Kyu Swe (Professor)
  • Daw Kyu Kyu Win (Teacher, dhamma friend). She taught Burmese and Dancing to children in the SF Bay Area.
  • U Kyu Sein (UCC)
  • U Aye Kyu (Actor)
  • U Ba Kyu (Soccer)
  • U Chit Kyu (BPC)
  • U Han Kyu Pe (SPHS64, A70, GBNF)
  • Daw Khin Khin Kyu (Ann, A67)
  • Daw Khin Khin Kyu (K-cube, UCC)
  • Daw Lwin Lwin Kyu (Mathematics)
  • U Myint Kyu Pe (SPHS58, STB).
  • U Win Kyu is a senior RIT alumni. He is a Khamee Khamet of Saya U Myo Myint Sein.

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