SPHS Sayas [1]

Updated : August 6, 2019

With contributions by U Myint Lwin (SPHS66), U Khin Maung Zaw (SPHS70), Dr. Thiha Win (SPHS70), Dr. Thane Oke Kyaw Myint (SPHS60), Dr. Khin Maung U (SPHS63), Dennis Mackey (St. Pat)

Group Photo of SPHS Sayas and Sayamas

We still have several names missing in the group photo. Please add comments if you know the names of the sayas and sayamas.

Seated : xx, Bro. Felix, xx, Bro. Peter, Bro. Edmund, Bro. Gerald, xx, Bro. Charles, xx

2nd row : Ms. Amelia Kyi (Miss Hong Kong) 5th from left; Ms. A Benjamin 4th from right

3rd row : Mrs. Fernandez far right

4th row : Saya Ah Mann 3rd from left; Saya Sein 4th from left; Mrs. Violet Boudville 7th from left;

5th row : Saya Timms 3rd from left; Saya U Aye 8th from left;

6th row : Saya Johnny Myo far right; Mr. Day 5th from right

High School Sayas

  • The Brother Directors rotate among the De La Salle Schools (St. Paul’s in Rangoon, St. Peter’s in Mandalay, St. Albert’s in Maymyo, etc.)
  • Brother Hubert was the Director when I joined Std IV(D). He was also the Director when we were in Std. X(A).
  • Other Brother Directors at St. Paul’s include Brother Edmund, Brother Felix and may be Brother Peter.
  • Brother Urban was Sub-Director for several years.
  • In our Matriculation class, Brother Austin was the Class Teacher. He also taught English and “Morals and Manners”. He also served as the School Librarian. He later moved to either St. Peter’s or St. Albert’s.
  • Saya C. Lewis was the relieving English teacher.
  • Saya U Sein (father of Dr. Soe Win) taught Burmese.
  • Saya U Nyunt Maung was the relieving Burmese teacher.
  • Brother Clementian (see the next picture) taught Mathematics. His funeral service probably had one of the longest queue of cars. Some had not left the SPHS compound, when the hearse had reached the Tamwe Cemetery. He was a former Brother Director, who continued teaching.
  • Saya U Kyaw Khin and Saya U Hla Min (RUBC Gold) were the relieving Mathematics teachers.
  • Saya Beatson taught Physics. Saya is now a monk.
  • Saya U Hla Myint was the relieving Physics teacher.
  • Saya DeCruz taught Chemistry. Saya moved to Australia.
  • Brother Joseph (later Father Joseph) would demonstrate in the lab. He would later move to St. Patrick’s.
  • The Elder Brother Edmund was Brother Director when we were in Std. V(D). He was killed by Wilfred Boudville, but the Brothers pardoned Wilfred.
  • I do not know what the younger Brother Edmund taught.
  • Brother Clementian taught us Mathematics in Std. X(A). He was a former Brother Director. He would not let the Brother Director and his assistants come near his class.
  • Brother Xavier taught us English in Std. VII(A) and Std. IX(A). He was also the Class teacher for Std. IX(A). He later moved to St. Albert’s in Maymyo.
  • Saya U Sein taught us Burmese in Std. IX(A) and Std. X(A).
  • Saya Lewis taught English for a different section. He was a relieving Saya for our class.
  • Saya Chapman taught English for a different section. He wrote several books for quick study.
  • Saya U Htwe and Saya U Htay Myint (Padetha Tuition) mainly taught Arts subjects. U Htay Myint wrote notes for History.
  • Brother Anthony was our Class teacher in Std. VIII(A).
  • Saya Johnny Myo (older brother of Peter Myo) taught Mathematics in other sections. He was a relieving teacher for our class.
  • Saya U Nyunt Maung taught Burmese in Std. VIII(A). He can teach several subjects.
  • Saya U Kyaw Sein (brother-in-law of Saya U Sein) was Class teacher of a different section in Std. VII.
  • Saya Beatson taught us Physics in High School. Several years back, Saya Beatson, Saya U San Thein and Brother Anthony were the only teachers left from our time. Saya Beatson is now a monk.
  • We were not taught by Brother Henry Peter and Saya U Tun Shein. According to Dennis Mackey (C73), Brother Henry Peter was one of his teachers at St. Patrick’s in Moulmein.
  • Saya Timms is the father of Lawrence Timms (IM, Old Croc).
  • Saya U Aye, Saya U San Thein and Saya U Kyaw Oo were Class Teachers for other sections of Std. VII.
  • [Dr. KMU] Saya U Aye is a very nice, soft spoken, confirmed bachelor who lives with his mother, and teaches History to our class of VII(A) (and perhaps Geography also to other classes).
  • Saya U Pe Tin was our Burmese teacher in Std. V(D) and our Class teacher in Std. VI(D).
  • Saya U Nge was our Class teacher in Std. VII(D).
  • The Standards mentioned are for our batch. They might not match the Standards mentioned in the photos (which are taken later). Some Sayas (e.g. U Pe Tin) were promoted to teach higher classes.

My Class Teachers

  • IV(D) : Ms. A Benjamin
  • V(D) : Mrs. Violet Boudville (Mother of Richard G Boudville)
  • VI(D) : Saya U Pe Tin
  • VII(D) : Saya U Nge
  • VIII(A) : Brother Anthony
  • IX(A) : Brother Xavier
  • X(A) : Brother Austin

Those who attended SPHS from KG or Std I will probably know more names of the teachers.

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