Mangala Sutta

Updated : August 5, 2019

Mangala Sutta

  • Mangala is usually rendered as auspices or blessings.
  • The Myanmar equivalent is “Mingalar”.
  • Mangala Sutta describes 38 Blessings, which are related to both Loki (mundane) and Lokotra (supramundane).
    It is the First of the 11 suttas covered in “Paritta Pali” (Protective Verses).
  • At PPBRS, we had to study “Mingalar Kabyar” by Saya Dagon U Tun Myint. I received a Thermos flask for successfully reciting the Mingalar Kabyar.
  • U Thu Kha wrote a book discussing the Mangala sutta (using lay people’s terms).
  • Cartoonists such as U Pe Thein published books about the 38 Blessings.

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