Early engineers who studied in the US

Post : 2000

Updated : August 5, 2019

At the picnic following the SPZP-2000 Reunion dinner, Saya Dr. Yan Naing Lwin (Professor and Head of Physics Department, WIU, Macomb, Illinois, USA) gave me a printed copy of the list of Burmese state scholars studying in the US [as of December, 1954].

In addition to our sayas such as U Sein Hlaing, U Tin Swe, U Sein Win, U Win Kyaing, U Thit, the list contains

1. Thein Wah (Civil)
2. Maung Maung (Elec)
3. Tin Nyunt (Chem), Yale
4. Tin Hlyne (M), Columbia
5. Htun Aung (ChE), Georgia Tech
6. Thin Tu (C), Michigan
7. Htun Thein (C), Michigan
8. Tin Nyo (M), Michigan State
9. Hla Hmi (Mn), Colorado
10. Hla Gyaw (ChE), Brooklyn Poly
11. Maung Maung Tun (ChE), Philadelphia Tex
12. Tin Tun Aung (M), Brooklyn Poly
13. Kyaw Win (M), Brooklyn Poly
14. Ko Ko Lay (M), Carnegie Tech
15. Mya Than Tun (Mech), Brooklyn Poly
16. Maung Maung Thaung (M), Brooklyn Poly
17. … more …

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