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It is sad to learn about disasters happening in various parts of the world.

Several are natural disasters.

A few are man-made disasters.

Despite advantages in technology, there is no reliable and cost-effective system [yet] to predict and/or prevent disasters.

There are general predictions like “the coming of Doom’s Day”. Some are serious about “nuclear wars” (and similar scenarios of “Apocalypse”) and spend exorbitant money to order or build underground hideouts in remote places and also extensive “evacuation plans”.

There are some predictions based on past data, e.g. “The next big earthquake is due. You should take extra care since you are living on a fault line.”

A few could not and would not leave their homes even when the authorities issued “mandatory evacuation”. Some evacuated, but they when they returned they found their houses missing or being vandalized.

Disaster recovery is not simple. The countless lives lost to Cyclone Nargis and its aftermath could have been minimized with proper planning and mobilization of the rescue teams.

Kudos to the individuals and organizations that offer “disaster relief funds”. But, disaster relief is at the tail end.

There is a related post “Awareness and CERT”.

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