Updated : August 5, 2019

Dhajagga Sutta

DHAJAGGA (Banner, “Ta Gun”)

DHAJAGGA SUTTA => 7th Sutta in “Paritta Pali”

Exhortation from CAKKA (“Thakyar Min”) to his soldiers preparing for the battle with the Asuras: “If you have fear or trepidation, try to catch the sight of my banner (if that’s possible) or that of the other Deva-Kings: Pajapati, Varuna, and Isana. For when you have caught sight of the banners, whatever fear, or trepidation there is will disappear.”

Buddha said. “Because of the lobha, dosa, and moha in the Deva-Kings, fear or trepidation may not disappear. So, monks, if you feel fear and trepidation in the wilderness, … or an empty building, you should recollect the following:

  • Nine qualities of the Buddha
  • Six qualities of the Dhamma
  • Nine qualities of the Sangha

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