• Deep is an Indian word meaning Light. The extended meaning is Wisdom.
  • Several Indian names have “Deep” (e.g. Deepak).
  • Deepavali is the Indian Festival of Lights.
    Some call it Diwali.
    During our younger days, some Hindu friends would give us Indian sweets as part of their Diwali celebrations.


  • When measuring three-dimensional objects, we specify the length, breadth and depth (or width).
  • We express the depth of a physical object or an idea as “Deep” or “Shallow”.
  • In computer applications, we use “Deep copy” of “Shallow copy” of objects.

Deep Thought

Deep Thought was a Chess Machine (hardware and software) developed by Ph.D. students at CMU (Carnegie Mellon University). One Ph.D. student designed and implemented a special purpose chip to implement multi-ply search. Two Ph.D. students, who are Chess experts, designed and implemented the algorithms to play championship level chess. Two more Ph.D. students provided feedback and assistance. Deep Thought beat the competitors to become World Computer Chess Champion.

Deep Blue

IBM (International Business Machines) recruited the three Ph.D. graduates to develop Deep Blue and challenge Gary Kasparov (World Chess Champion) to a Best-of-five match. Kasparov prevailed in the first encounter, but made a costly error — a prime example of “To err is human” — to lose in the second encounter.

IBM made intensive preparations. It hired several Grand Masters for studying Kasparov’s games and techniques.

Deep Learning

Deep Learning is an advanced form of Machine Learning. It has become a core subject in Artificial Intelligence (AI) courses.

Deep sleep

There are numerous studies about Sleep and Insomnia.
Most people need about seven hours sleep.
Sleeping more than eight hours may be detrimental to one’s well being.

The quality of sleep (e.g. Deep sleep) is important.

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