Updated : August 5, 2019

Dana stands for charity, offering, alms, and donation.

Dana transcends religion and culture.

For Buddhists

Dana provides opportunities to gain kusala (wholesome deeds) before, during and after the offering.

One can share merits when performing a Dana. One can rejoice past Dana and gain merits.

Dana may be performed anonymously, privately or publicly. Dana may be performed daily or on specific occasions (e.g. sabbath, birthday, anniversary).

Dhamma Dana

Individuals, groups and organizations offer free books and CDs covering dhamma talks. They include :

  • Dhamma Download web site
  • Triple Gems Publications
  • Tathagata Meditation Center (TMC)

An old saying states, “Dhamma Dana excels all Dana”.

Double Dana

Sayagyi U Ba Than donates the Garwara Money that he received from the SPZPs and alumni back to Charitable Organizations.

During one my visits, I witnessed the donation of One Lakh Kyat each to ten organizations. They include : Bo Bwa Yeik Tha, Little Sisters for the Poor, School for Deaf and Dumb, School for the Blind, U Hla Tun Foundation, Nar Yay Ah Thin.

Pyinnya Dana

It may stand for offerings made for the advancement of education (of the people and the society).

There are different forms of Pyinnya Dana. They include :

  • Sponsoring scholarships (e.g. NorCal RITAA provide some financial assistance to eligible YTU students with the help of RITAA.)
  • Donating to the “YTU Library Modernization”
  • Sharing of experience, knowledge and wisdom

Health Care

Swel Daw Yeik Foundation (SDYF) provides some financial assistance to eligible sayas and sayamas for Hospitalization and Frequent visits to the Clinic.

Cash and Kind

RIT Ah Nu Pyinnya Shins donate to the various noble causes (e.g. SPZP, Shwe YaDu, YTU Library) in cash and kind (e.g. paintings, cartoons).

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