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Sterling Pound

Update : October 11, 2021


  • There are several currencies named “Pound”.
  • The most notable is known as the “Sterling Pound“.
  • The British manufactured the “Silver Penny” made out of pure silver.
    240 Silver Pennies presumably weighed one pound.
    Hence, the name “Sterling Pound”.
  • 1 Pound = 20 shillings = 240 pennies
  • At one time, the Pound was tied to the “Gold Reserve“.
  • In our younger days, 1 Pound was equivalent to about 13 Kyats.


  • Pound
  • Shilling
  • Penny
  • Farthing
  • Half-crown
  • Crown
  • Guinea


  • Later, the British went “metric”.
  • 1 “new” Pound = 100 “new” Pence.

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