Updated : August 5, 2019

There are several kinds of Census. The most common is Population Census.

Than Kaung Sar Yin

In Colonial Burma, the administration compiled “Than Kaung Sar Yin” (literally meaning “list taken at midnight”).

US Population Census

The US Population Census Data is compiled every ten years as mandated by law, but the census data takers do not visit houses at midnight.

The data is collected not only from US citizens, but from anyone who happened to be in the US (e.g. studying or working) at the time.

The data is to used mainly for planning (e.g. restructuring of voting areas) and not for storing personal details.

Census Bureau employee Herman Hollerith invented the electronic tabulator and punch cards for the 1890 US Census.

The company that Hollerith founded grew to become IBM (International Business Machines).


UCC computer and machines were used to process the Population Census Data in Burma in the ’70s.

Processing was done mainly with the FILAN software package. Some low-level coding were done using PLAN (assembly language for the ICL 1900s series).

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