Updated : August 5, 2019

Beelin Sayadaw

Five Ways to Cultivate a Mature and Stable Mind

Sayadaw U Pannadipa (Beelin Sayadaw)
Translated by U Aung Thein Nyunt, Mynamar
Free distribution by Tathagata Meditation Center
1215 Lucretia Avenue, San Jose, CA 95122, USA

First Way : To associate with the noble ones
What ‘Bhikkhu’ means
To associate with the noble ones
1. Two parrot brothers: The foolish and the virtuous
2. The virtuous Anathapandika and the virtuous daughters
3. Young son, Kala becomes a virtuous one
4. Splendor in Brahma abode and Munching away in a feeding trough
5. Atijatta sons and daughters
6. Repaying the gratitude owed to one’s parents
7. The benefits of associating with virtuous ones
8. The benefits of having virtuous parents

Second Way : To be replete with morality
1. Precepts
2. Practices
3. Three types of domains
i. Association with supportive and virtuous components
ii. Guarding the six sense doors
iii. Four foundations of mindfulness

Third Way : To listen to Dhamma
The ten kinds of dhamma talks

Fourth Way : To put ardent and arduous effort

Fifth Way : To be replete with special insight

Destroying the Five Aggregates

=> Dhamma talk given at TMC meditation retreat, August 2000
=> Author : Sayadaw U Pannadipa (Beelin Sayadaw)
=> Editor : Karuna Rakkhita
=> Translator: Zaw (Kyaw Zaw Tun)
=> Publisher : Tathagata Meditation Center
=> The Aggregate of
==> 1. Material Phenomena
==> 2. Feeling
==> 3. Perception
==> 4. Formations
==> 5. Consciousness

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