Dr. Aung Gyi (3)

Saya U Min Wun and Saya Dr. Aung Gyi
  • Saya will celebrate his 88th birthday in October 2019.
  • Except for slight loss of hearing, Sayagyi is healthy.
  • He attended SPZPs, mini-PZPs and micro-PZPs in Canada, USA, Singapore and Myanmar.
  • He matriculated in 1949.
  • Saya was the first group of engineering students — along with Saya U Min Wun and Saya U Maung Maung Than — selected to study at the prestigious universities in the USA under the Twinning Program.
  • Upon return, Saya joined the Faculty of Engineering.
  • He succeed U Mya Han as Professor of Civil Engineering.
  • He later succeeded U Yone Moe as Rector of RIT.
  • He fondly talks about “the best days of his life at RIT”.


  • Brief biography for SPZP-2000
  • Key note speech at SPZP-2000 held in the USA (Saya highlighted the importance of Health and Emotional Intelligence.)
  • Article covering (a) State Scholarship in the USA (b) experience as Professor and Rector (Some sub-sections of HMEE-2012 book was based on Saya’s article)
  • Introduction to the History of University Engineering Education in Burma/Myanmar (The article appeared in the Supplement CD of HMEE-2012 book)
  • Coconut Episode (Saya related the story at Saya Allen Htay’s house a day or two before SPZP-2000. Saya highlighted the evolution of a student from a “coconut thief” into a r4espected 3R volunteer teacher. The written version appeared in the commemorative issue of “Swel Daw Yeik Sar Saung” for a Singapore SPZP.)
  • Anecdotes from several occasions.
  • (a) Saya and I spent a few days together at Ivan Lee’s house in New Jersey in 2015. Saya would tell us stories from his RIT days.
  • (b) We spent two nights at Saya’s house in Canada during the whirl wind trip hosted by Ivan with the help of Frederick Thetgyi.
  • (c) During my visits to Yangon, I was “Ei Hmyaung” at the gatherings — one for the birthday of Ma Ma Emma (Sayagadaw) and one for welcoming Sayagyis attending SPZP.)

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