Updated : August 5, 2019

I may have missed some names.

  • U Aung Khin
  • U Ba Than
  • Dr. Aung Gyi
  • U Min Wun
  • U Soe Paing
  • Allen Htay
  • U Moe Aung
  • Dr. Nyo Win
  • U Myat Htoo
  • Dr. Koung Nyunt
  • Dr. Myint Thein
  • U Khin Maung Zaw
  • Others

U Aung Khin

  • Brief Biography
  • Saya wrote several articles for the RIT Alumni International Newsletter and RIT web site. They include (a) History of RIT Mechanical Engineering Department (b) Memories of Engineering studies in RU (c) On the road to the Millennium (d) Remembering Saya U Tin Hlaing
  • Saya suggested the merger of BEA and BASTS into BAPS.
  • Saya gave the go-ahead for SPZP-2000.

U Ba Than

  • Precious photos for display at MES and for use by HMEE-2012.
  • Wrote memoirs for his grand children. The Booklet was given to attendees of his 78th Birthday Celebration in 2008.
  • Coordination meeting for HMEE-2012 at Sayagyi’s residence (“Winner Inn”)
  • Donated most of the Garawa money received at the PZPs to selected charities
  • Invited former colleagues and students to the annual Birthday Dana Soon Kway.

Dr. Aung Gyi

  • Brief Biography
  • Introduction to the History of University Engineering Education in Burma/Myanmar
  • Article covering (a) State Scholarship in the USA (b) experience as Professor and Rector. Saya’s article was quoted in HMEE-2012.
  • Key note speech at SPZP-2000 held in the USA. It highlighted the importance of Health and Emotional Intelligence
  • Coconut Episode (Article) highlighted a student, who evolved from a “coconut thief” into a 3R volunteer teacher

U Min Wun

  • Brief Biography
  • History of RIT Civil Engineering Department
  • Bagan Restoration Supplement to the Kyaik Hti Yo Project
  • Advisor, Myanmar Pyeikkadein Ah Kyan Pay Ah Phwe
  • Interview with Aung Zay Internet TV

U Soe Paing

  • Brief Biography
  • Saya helped Sayagyi Dr. Chit Swe found UCC.
  • Saya wrote about the Early Days of Computing in Burma, his experience as a States Scholar and as UN Consultant. Saya’s articles including “Computer Ah Sa UCC Ga” can be read from SCRIB-D.
  • Saya suggested U Khin Maung Zaw (KMZ, EC76) and me to set up the RIT web site
  • Saya wrote several articles for RIT Alumni International Newsletter and RIT web site. They include (a) Student days at Rangoon University (b) RIT Saya Soccer Team (c) RIT-UCC Connection (d) Three Sayas attending SPZP-2000
  • With the help of Sayagyi U Ba Than and Saya U Thaw Kaung, Saya compiled artifacts at the Universities Central Library. Saya prepared a draft version for of HMEE-2012.
    Revised and enhanced U Ohn Khine’s translations of HMEE-2012 Section 1 and Section 2.

Allen Htay

  • Saya was the leader of the San Francisco Bay Area RIT Alumni. He is a founding member and first President of RIT Alumni International.
  • He wrote, “Brother, can you spare US $500?:”
  • He submitted the Class photo of C58 with the help of Saya Dr. San Hla Aung and U Khin Maung Win (Sid Chen), who collectively provided the caption.
  • He took photos for the 10th Anniversary of RIT Alumni International
  • He presented a Brief Biography.

U Moe Aung

  • Saya U Moe Aung is a Patron of Swel Daw Yeik Foundation.
  • Saya’s pen name is Tekkatho Moe War.
  • Saya served as Editor for RUESU Magazine.
  • Saya served as Chief Editor of the commemorative Swel Daw Yeik Sar Saung, Swel Daw Yeik Magazine, Hlyat Sit Sar Saung, and RIT Annual Magazines.
  • Saya has published books (e.g. compilation of articles and poems).
  • I have posted saya’s poems and articles (often with my loose renderings).

Dr. Nyo Win

U Myat Htoo (leftmost seated) and U Nyo Win (fourth from right seated)

Saya Dr. Nyo Win (M65) is a founding member of RIT Alumni International and NorCal RITAA.

“U Nyo Win Act” did not need to be enforced thanks in part to the five Golden Sponsors of SPZP-2000.

Saya wrote about SPZP-2000 in the Post Reunion series.

U Myat Htoo

Lost Neik Ban

Saya U Myat Htoo (C68) is a founding member of RIT Alumni International and NorCal RITAA.

  • He was emcee (Master of Ceremonies) for SPZP-2000.
  • He wrote about the SPZP-2000 experience in the Post Reunion series.
  • He wrote a parody on “Pyauk Sone Nay Thaw Neikban Bon”.
  • He played the Ukelele and sang the song described above.

Dr. Koung Nyunt

  • Saya Dr. Koung Nyunt (A67) wrote several articles for RIT Alumni International Newsletter.
  • He wrote about two Forgotten Songs from RIT. One song is a favorite of Saya U Tha Tun (Head of Architecture Department). Another song is about a Belle and her suitors.
  • He wrote a photo essay on Kyaik Hti Yo Development.
  • He wrote a letter to the Thagyar Min.
  • He was an organizer for RIT events in New Zealand.

Dr. Myint Thein

  • Dr. Myint Thein (M73) wrote several articles for RIT Alumni International Newsletter.
  • He wrote as Ba Thein (Atlanta). He studied for his doctorate at Georgia Tech in Atlanta.
  • He wrote an apology to Sayagyi U Ba Toke.
  • He wrote about the pronunciation of Saya Arya.
  • He wrote about RUBC, Hovercraft and his trip to RIT.

U Khin Maung Zaw

  • U Khin Maung Zaw (EC76) designed and implemented the first RIT web site. He spent weekends and nights on the project.
  • He wrote the History of http:///
  • He reviewed most of my Trivia Posts about (a) SPHS (b) RIT (c) UCC (d) Sports (e) Technology. He provided corrections, additions and comments.


  • Saya U Myo Myint Sein wrote about the early days at RIT Architecture Department.
  • Saya U Khin Aung Kyi recorded an interview about the early days at RIT Chemical Engineering Department.
  • Saya U Soe Khaw (GBNF) wrote about the early days at RIT Mining Department.
  • Saya U Thit (GBNF) wrote about the early days at RIT Metallurgy Department.
  • Saya U Htin Paw (EE58)
  • Saya U Maung Maung Win (M61)
  • Saya U Moe Aung (Tekkatho Moe War, EE63)
  • Saya Des Rodgers (RIT English)
  • U Aw Taik Moh (C54)
  • U Tin Htoon (A60)
  • U Myint Khine (Norman, C63)
  • U Aung Min (M69)
  • U Tint Lwin (Daniel, M69)
  • U Khin Maung Oo (Ivan, M69)
  • U Ohn Khine (M70)
  • U Zaw Min Nawaday (EP70)
  • U Wynn Htain Oo (M72)
  • U Myint Pe (M72)
  • U Htay Aung (Victor, EC80)

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