Brothers and B.O.B’s

Updated : August 4, 2019


  • I attended Std. IV (D), V (D), VI (D), VII (D), VIII (A), IX (A) and X (A).
  • I was a Day Scholar.
  • I matriculated in 1963.
  • I do not know the sayas and sayamas who taught KG and Stds I – III.
  • Boarders can add the names of the Brothers and sayas that I have missed.
  • Brother Benedict (who taught a younger class) was a good soccer player.
  • Brother Gerald was the SPHS Band Master. He often rode a horse.
  • There was a Brother in charge of the SPHS Book Shop, and several Brothers in charge of the Boarders.
  • Some Brothers went on “rotation duty” at other De La Salle Schools such as St. Peter’s (Mandalay), St. Albert’s (Maymyo) and St. Patrick’s (Moulmein).

Brother Clementian

  • Brother Clementian “retired” as Brother Director, but kept on teaching Mathematics until he passed away.
  • He would give weekly tests, which typically has three questions to be answered in an hour.
    Most students completed all six questions for the Matriculation examination way ahead of the three hours allocated, and gained Distinctions.
  • The funeral cortege spanned from SPHS to Tamwe Christian Cemetery.
    Some cars had not left SPHS when the service began at the Cemetery.

Brother Austin

  • Brother Austin was our Class teacher for Std. X (A).
  • He was likened to “the Carrot” in “the Carrot and the Stick” paradigm.
  • He was also the School Librarian.
    He would take us to the SPHS library (with books donated by Ford Foundation, Asia Foundation …).
    Everyone has to borrow a book and write a critique.
  • In addition to teaching English, he also taught the “Morals and Manners” class.
    Anyone who can recite the selected poems is free to “skip the remainder of the class”.
    The top reciters were rewarded: an 8 mm movie of a soccer match from UK, or a ticket to “1960 Rome Olympics” (special show at Thamada Cinema).
  • He abhors plagiarism and unprofessional work. “Don’t waste my time and your time”.
  • After nationalization, he moved to Malaysia to continue teaching at a De La Salle School.

Brother Xavier

  • Brother Xavier was our Class Teacher for Std IX A, and English teacher for Std VIII and IX.
  • He was likened to “the Stick” in “the Carrot and the Stick” paradigm.
  • He would penalize students for making grammatical mistakes. For the dictation test, he would start with 100 marks and then subtract 10 marks for each mistake. A classmate ended with -230 (minus 230) marks shown “in red” in his report card. According to Ko Zaw Min, Brother Xavier would not continue his “brash style” at St. Albert’s. After nationalization, he moved to UK and supposedly “left the order”.

Brother Felix

  • Brother Felix was a Brother Director.
  • After SPHS was nationalized, he moved back to Germany.
  • He had e-mail communications with some Old Paulians (notably Richard G. Boudville, Australia, son of Sayama V. Boudville).

Two Sibling Brothers

  • After nationalization, the native Brothers remained in Burma.
  • Brother Joseph decided to become Father Joseph.
  • His younger brother remained Brother Anthony and was one of the “senior sayas” at SPHS Saya Pu Zaw Pwes along with Saya U San Thein and Saya Beatson.


  • Saya George Chapman published notes for English.
  • Saya U Htay Myint (Patheda) published notes for History.

Outstanding Paulians

  • Old Paulians are also known as B.O.B’s (Brothers’ Old Boys).
  • Sayagyi U Ba Khin stood first in his Matriculation class.
    He is known as an outstanding Vissapana teacher.
    His dhamma lineage starts with Ledi Sayadaw and Saya Thet.
    His dhamma students include Saya S. N. Goenka.
  • ICS U Tin Tut, Dr. Ba Han, Dr, Ba Maw, and U Chan Tun are Old Paulians.
  • According to Dr. Win Aung (M62), his father Saya C. Ping Lee (EE, GBNF) was a Paulian and a student of Saya U Than Aung (father of Saya Alphonso [Mg Nge, Mg Aung] and Charlie [Ko Cho]).
    When U Than Aung became Minister of Education in the AFPFL Government, he recruited his former student Saya C. Ping Lee to head the Technical & Vocational Department.
  • SPHS used to have a “Roll of Honor”, which listed the Top students in the Matriculation examination from 1951 – 1963.
    After Nationalization, the Roll of Honor disappeared.
    It was recovered by U Soe Nyunt (“Taw Win Hnin Si”).

Saya Pu Zaw Pwes

  • After nationalization, SPHS became No. (6) SHS Botathaung.
  • There are two SPZPs: one for the “Paulians” and another for SHS(6).
  • Some (e.g. Eddie Ba Oo [Tin Aung Moe]) who were in the lower classes when SPHS was nationalized would attend both gatherings.
  • Saya Beatson (now Sayadaw) is the “Last Saya Standing” from our days.
    Saya U San Thein (GBNF) was the “Second Last Standing” from our days.

B.O.B’s Dinner in 1959

  • U Win Maung (Old Paulian) provided a rare photo of Brothers’ Old Boys (B.O.B) in 1959.
    He used to live in the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • His sister Dr. Agatha lives in Australia.

Saya U Soe Paing (SPHS56, EE, UCC) wrote :

From the 7th standard to Matriculation I remember the following:

Saya Ba Myaing (Physics), Saya Tun Shwe and Saya Sein (Burmese), Bro
Hubert (Chemistry), Bro Felix, Bro Charles, and Bro Gerald (English).
Mr Machado and Saya Dawson (Math), Mr Barker and Mr Illife (Physics).

Editor’s Notes :

The Paing siblings — Dr. Myo Paing (SPHS54), U Soe Paing (SPHS56), U Win Paing (Sayadaw U Wara, SPHS64) and U Kyaw Paing — attended SPHS.

U Aung Win (Owen) wrote :

I read many articles about the old staff of SPHS but I never came across anyone mentioning Bro. Charles. During our KG days in SP, we had one Bro. Charles, if you all remember him. He was a very kind-hearted Bro. and he loved the school kids and treated us well. Whatever happened to him, I wonder, after we left SPHS.

Owen Khoo (Aung Win, M71, SPHS 1953 – 1957)

Editor’s notes :

  • Three siblings — U Than Win (Alan Khoo, SPHS54, GBNF), U Kyi Win (Eddie Khoo, SPHS57, GBNF) and U Aung Win (Owen Khoo) — attended SPHS.
  • Owen also attended Darjeeling.

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