Updated : August 4, 2019

Sayagyi U Ba was a pioneer Educator.

“Nga Ba” is a classic novel about a farmer.

Siblings of U Aunt Gyi

BT Bros were a major Coffee developer. It supposedly had a band. U Ba Thein and U Aunt Gyi played with the Myoma Troupe.

Not sure if U Aunt Gyi has a name or nickname with “Ba” in it.
He is a vocalist and a musician (who played piano, accordion, guitar …). He was one of the early vocalists to be selected by BBS for the musical programs.

  • U Ba Thein, father of Than Than Nwe and “Superstar” Peter Ba Thein
  • U Ba Oo, father of Tin Aung Moe (Eddie) and Tekkatho Aye Maung (Reggie). The two brothers were members of “Dream Makers”, “Playboy”, …
  • U Ba Phyu, father of Sein Lwin (Raymond, GBNF) and “Playboy” Than Naing (Herman?)
  • U Ba Tu, father of Pale (Pearl)


I have posted about “Ba Than“.

U Ba Myaing (GBNF) was a saya turned Registrar at SPHS.

There are at least two writers named Ba Thaw.

  • One is a retired Police Officer.
  • Another is a retired Naval Officer (Bohmu Ba Thaw, Maung Thaw Ka)

Thakin Ba Sein is a leader of a faction of AFPFL.

U Ba Htay, father of Saya AllenHtay (C58), had cousin brothers : Kyar (Tiger) Ba Nyein, and Bohmu Ba Thaw (Maung Thaw Ka).

U Ba Htay is the father of Dr. Tin Win (David Ba Htay) and Dr. Daw Hla Yee Yee.

U Ba Nyein supposedly advised the Revolutionary Council and Government to execute indiscriminate Nationalization and Demonetization.

U Ba Min (SPHS56) taught Mathematics and Astronomy. Due to medical problems, he resigned when he was transferred to Myitkyina.

Dr. Nyunt Wai (Victor) added :

  • Dr Ba U (President, Union of Burma)
  • Bagyi Ba Pe
  • Dr Ba Pu (orthopedics)
  • Dr Reggie Ba Pe (physician)
  • Yangon Ba Swe (author, socialist)
  • Ba Yin Gale (jockey)
  • U Ba Gyan (cartoonist)
  • Dr Ba Maw (“adipidi”- figure head -Japanese occupation) and his brother Dr Ba Han (a dictionary by his name)”
  • “Ba — Shwe Ba” (Imitating “Bond — James Bond”). There’s a Myanmar restaurant with this action actor’s name. The actual name “Aung Thu Kha” is less known.
  • U Ba Swe – (Kyargyi Ba Swe) of Swe-Nyein faction when AFPFL split. We was a Defence Minister and also a care-taker prime minister.

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