Abhidhamma (4)

Abhidhamma Newsletter
Volume 1 Number 3 (April 1999)
Adviser: Venerable U Silananda
Editor: Maung Tin-Wa (Ph.D.)
Editorial Board: James Cameron, U Aye Cho, Aung Khin (M.D.).
Marc F. Lierberman (M.D.), Yan Naing Lwin (Ph.D.),
Sarah E, Marks, Tin Than Myint (M.D.), Bach Dong Nhut,
U Han Nyo, Phil Rohrer, Larry Rosenberg,
Anna Spievogel (M.D., Ph.D.), Tin Myo Than (M.D.),
Hla N. Tin (Ph.D.), Rita Adelman
BGraphic Designer: Scott Jordan
Transcribing and Word Processing: Pat McMahon
Published by the Abhidhamma Study Group of Dhammachakka Meditation Center, Berkeley, C.A.

Categories: Publication, Sayadaw

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