Month: August 2019


Breakfast at Crystal Jade Some 69ers hosted a breakfast gathering at “Crystal Jade” to welcome Ko Sein Myint (EP69, Singapore) and me. The 69ers also bid farewell to Ko Tint Lwin (M69), who had to go back to Singapore to take care of his elder brother Saya U […]

Micro-gathering *

The photo of five RIT Alumni was taken at the San Francisco Bay Area Literary Talks 2018. Aw Pi Kyeh gave a talk titled “Made in Myanmar”. He is President of the Myanmar Cartoonists Association. During his RIT days, he served as Secretary of the RIT Cartoonists Association. […]

July 2015

In July 2015, we had an enjoyable trip to the East Coast of US and parts of Canada. We took the United Airlines from San Francisco International airport. The flight was delayed for more than two hours because the computer system was down. Our plane was diverted to […]

Disaster *

It is sad to learn about disasters happening in various parts of the world. Several are natural disasters. A few are man-made disasters. Despite advantages in technology, there is no reliable and cost-effective system [yet] to predict and/or prevent disasters. There are general predictions like “the coming of […]

RIT Class of 70

EC70 U Thaung Sein (Steeve Kay) Steeve Kay (U Thaung Sein, EC70) He has successful careers as an outstanding engineer/designer, as an entrepreneur and as a philanthropist. He never forgot his roots, his alma mater, his mentors and his friends. Note that his name was spelled Steeve (instead […]