U Tin Myint [1]

Post : 2018

Updated : August 5, 2019

  • U Tin Myint (M69) matriculated from Taunggyi.
  • Some knew him as L. Tan Choy and John Lee.
  • U Tin Myint was 4th Year Luyechun.
  • He played Table Tennis for RIT.
  • His spouse (Lyo, Mabel Lee, T69) played basketball for RIT.
  • Per the request of their daughter, I spoke at the funeral service of Ko Tin Myint.

Ko Tint Lwin (Daniel, M69, Singapore) wrote :

  • I met Ko Tin Myint in 2011 when I visited SF. Wonderful memories.
  • May Ko Tin Myint rest in peace.
  • My heartfelt condolences to Lyo and family.

Ko Tin Myint and Daniel at Golden Gate Bridge (San Francisco)

At a Chinese Restaurant in Castro, Mountain View, CA

  • Daniel Tint Lwin
  • Angelina Tan
  • Benny Tan
  • Hla Min
  • Saya Allen Htay (GBNF)
  • Daw Mu Mu Lin
  • Lyo Kyin Sein (Mabel Lee)
  • Ko Tin Myint (John Lee, GBNF)

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