Month: June 2019

Threes [2]

Updated : July 12, 2019 Teaching of All Buddhas 1. Refrain from doing evil 2. Do good deeds 3. Cultivate one’s mind Groups for The Path 1. Sila (Morality) 2. Samadhi (Concentration) 3. Panna (Wisdom) Gems 1. Buddha (The Enlightened One) 2. Dhamma (His Teachings) 3. Sangha (Congregation […]

List : Tens

Updated on June 14, 2019 Bases of meritorious action 1. Dana : giving 2. Sila : morality 3. Bhavana : mediation 4. Apacayana : reverence 5. Veyyavacca : service 6. Pattidana : sharing of one’s merit 7. Pattanumodana : rejoicing in others’ merit 8. Dhamma desana : teaching […]


Post : 2000 Updated : June 14, 2019 Hello, … The following is [a dramatization of] an event that happened last night (October 20, 2000). “Hello, is this RIT Alumni International?” “If you are Burmese, you can speak in Burmese.” “We’ve landed at SFO. Someone was supposed to […]

Sayadaw [27] : U Thittila

Updated on June 14, 2019 Venerable Sayadaw U Thittila (1896-1997) Ovadacariya to Sanagha Maya Nayaka, trustees of renowned pagodas Outstanding teacher and writer Played an important role in reviving Buddhism in India and propagating the study of Abhidhamma Very modest; rarely talked about his many achievements Patamagyaw scholar […]

Sayadaw [28] : Thabyekan

Updated on June 14, 2019 Timeless and Priceless Treasures of Thabyekan Sayadaw Author : Tharmanay Kyaw (U Dhammika Bhivamsa) Translator : U Hla Maung Reviewer : U Vivenkananda (German monk) Publisher : INWARD PATH PUBLISHER (Penang, Malaysia) Contents 1. A Satisfying Doctrine 2. Winners and Losers … 30. […]

Term : Cigarette

Updated : June 16, 2019 In our youth, it was fashionable in the movies and outside to smoke cigars, cheroots and cigarettes. There was no warning that “Smoking could be hazardous to your health”. Some did not smoke, but tried to buy used cigarette packs with brands such […]

List : Books

Updated : June 16, 2019 Mahasi Sayadaw Tathagata Meditation Center (TMC) published “Fundamentals of Vipassana Meditation” by Mahasi Sayadaw for dhamma dana. Dr. Mehm Tin Mon Saya authored several books in Myanmar and English. Saya also taught Abhidhmma. U Jotalankara Sayadaw authored books in Myanmar, English and Pali. […]