Month: June 2019

Bawa Thin Pone Gyi

Update : February 28, 2020 U Ye Sint taught Physics in Myanmar. He has an MBA. He served as a member of Executive Committee (EC), Board of Directors (BOD), Editorial Board for Dhammananda Newsletter and the publication “Homage to Sayadaw U Silananda”. He has published four books in […]

RIT Handbook 1966 – 67

Update : March 31, 2020 Benny Tan (Tan Yu Beng, M70)Spouse : Angelina (Benny’s Xerox Copier during his RIT days)Two childrenSix grand children MS from the University of California at Berkeley Worked for the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) Serial entrepreneur Started with a Gift Shop at San Francisco […]

U Thittila

Update : February 28, 2020 Venerable Sayadaw U Thittila (1896-1997) Ovadacariya to Sanagha Maya Nayaka, trustees of renowned pagodas Outstanding teacher and writer Played an important role in reviving Buddhism in India and propagating the study of Abhidhamma Very modest; rarely talked about his many achievements Patamagyaw scholar […]