List : Tens

Updated on June 14, 2019

Bases of meritorious action

1. Dana : giving
2. Sila : morality
3. Bhavana : mediation
4. Apacayana : reverence
5. Veyyavacca : service
6. Pattidana : sharing of one’s merit
7. Pattanumodana : rejoicing in others’ merit
8. Dhamma desana : teaching or preaching the dhamma
9. Dhamma savana : listening to the dhamma
10. Ditthijukamma : straightening one’s right view


1. Earth kasina
2. Water kasina
3. Fire kasina
4. Air kasina
5. Blue kasina
6. Yellow kasina
7. Red kasina
8. White kasina
9. Space kasina or limited-space kasina
10. Light kasina

Kinds of Recollections (Anusati)

The recollection of
1. the Buddha
2. the Dhamma
3. the Sangha
4. morality
5. generosity
6. devas or deities
7. peace
8. death

The mindfulness of
9. the body
10. breathing

Wisdom-Powers of the Buddha (Dasa bala)

Understanding as it truly is
1. the possible as possible and the impossible as impossible
2. the results of actions (kammas) undertaken, past, present, and future, with possibilities and with causes
3. the ways leading to all destinations (all the states of existence and nibbana)
4. the world with its many and different elements
5. how beings have different inclinations
6. the disposition of the faculty of other beings, other persons
7. the defilement, the cleaning and the emergence of the jhanas, liberations, concentrations, and attainments

Pu-Di-Ah (three kinds of “special” knowledge)
8. recollecting His manifold past lives
9. with the divine eye seeing the beings passing away and reappearing, inferior and superior, fair and ugly, fortunate and unfortunate (understanding how beings pass on according to kammas)
10. by realizing for Himself with direct knowledge, here and now entering upon and abiding in the deliverance of mind and deliverance of wisdom that are tainteless with the destruction of the taints

Other lists of tens

  • Paramis (perfections)
  • Good actions
  • Evil or bad actions
  • Precepts of a novice
  • Zat Taw Gyi Hse Bwe : Last ten lives of the Bodhistatta (Jataka tales)

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