List : Eights

Updated : June 14, 2019

Eight Magggingas

1. Samma dithi : right view

2. Samma sankappa : right thoughts

3. Samma vaca : right speech

4. Samma kamanta : right action

5. Samma ajiva : right livelihood

6. Samma vayamo : right effort

7. Samma sati : right mindfulness

8. Samma samadhi : right concentration

Eight Precepts for Ajivatthamaka sila

Abstain from

1. killing living beings

2. taking what is not freely given

3. committing sexual misconduct

4. telling lies

5. slandering or divisive speech

6. harsh speech

7. frivolous talk or talking nonsense

8. wrong livelihood

Eight Uposatha Precepts

Abstain from

1. killing living beings

2. taking what is not freely given

3. ignoble conduct (sexual intercourse)

4. telling lies

5. intoxicating drinks and drugs that cause heedlessness

6. eating after mid-day (until next dawn)

7. (a) dancing, singing, playing music, witnessing shows or entertainment

(b) wearing flowers, using perfumes, beautifying with cosmetics

8. using high and luxurious seas and beds

Eight kinds of Importune Moments

Being born

1. in hell

2. in the animal realm

3. in the Peta realm (of ghosts or ever-hungry beings) and in the Asura realm (of demons)

4. as a long-lived Brahma in the realms of No-Perception (Asannasatta) and No-Form (Arupaloka)

5. as a person in a remote borderland inaccessible to monks, nuns, and lay people

6. as a person with wrong views

7. as a man with no intelligence to understand the Dhamma

8. as a man with intelligence but when the Buddha has not arisen

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