Sayadaw U Thittila

Venerable Sayadaw U Thittila (1896-1997)

  • Ovadacariya to Sanagha Maya Nayaka, trustees of renowned pagodas
  • Outstanding teacher and writer
  • Played an important role in reviving Buddhism in India and propagating the study of Abhidhamma
  • Very modest; rarely talked about his many achievements
  • Patamagyaw scholar of all Burma (1918) : selected from among 5000 candidates
  • Panyattisasanahita (1923) : among the 4 out of 150 entrants who passed the toughest monastic examination
  • Studied Sanskrit in India; English in India and England
  • Lectured in US, UK, France, … (25+ countries)
  • Translated Vibhanga (second of the seven Adbhidhamma texts) from Pali to English : published by the Pali Text Society in 1969 under the title of The Book of Analysis
  • Essential Themes of Buddhist Lectures
  • Collection of unconnected individual talks given between 1938 – 1983
  • Part 1 : Introductory articles or Talks of Buddhism (10 lectures)
  • Part 2 : Talks involving Sila in particular (5 lectures)
  • Part 3 : Talks involving Samadhi in particular (12 lectures)
  • Part 4 : Talks involving Panna in particular (4 lectures)
  • Part 5 : Talks dealing with Buddhism in general (12 lectures)

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