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Saya Dr. San Hla Aung

Born: September 1, 1936, in Mandalay, of parents U Kyi Oh and Daw Than Mya. Education: B.Sc.(Engg.)(Civil), Rangoon M.S.(Civil), M.I.T. Ph.D.(Civil), Tulane

Although born in Mandalay, grew up in the Irrawaddy delta region (Myaungmya, Bassein). Matriculated from Government High School, Bassein,in 1951. Had to wait one year before attending the University of Rangoon because was under 16 at beginning of 1951 academic year.

Admitted in June 1952, got B.Sc.(Engg.) degree in March, 1958. Passed with Distinction, stood first, and awarded the U Kyaw Sein Gold Medal. Appointed Assistant Lecturer in Civil Engineering in April, 1958.

Came to Massachusetts Institute of Technology in September, 1960, on a State scholarship. Got M.S. degree in Civil Engineering in June, 1962.

Worked for Simpson, Gumpertz, and Heger, Structural Engineering Consultants, and went back to Rangoon in September and resumed teaching.

Promoted to Lecturer in October, 1964.

Went to the University of Stuttgart in Germany (then FRG or West Germany) on a German Academic Exchange Program scholarship in 1976. (This was in exchange for a German professor sent to R.I.T. to set up the new Structures Lab donated by the FRG). Worked on a project on the indirect model analysis of deep reinforced concrete beams. Moved on to the Institute for Materials Testing and Research, took part in a project on testing pull-out strength of metal anchors in concrete, in connection with a revision of the German Industrial Standards, DIN 1046, on concrete structures. Attached to the office of Leonhardt and Andrae, Consulting Engineers, and worked with the group on the design of the Kocher Valley Bridge. Went back to the R.I.T. in 1978.

Awarded a Senior Fulbright scholarship in 1985 and came to Tulane University in New Orleans. Did research on prefabricated concrete panels, and also on fiber reinforced concrete. Went back to the R.I.T. in 1986.

Offered the position of Research Associate (Associate Professor level) from Tulane in 1988 and came back with the family to the U.S. in January, 1989. Duties include teaching (two undergrad and two graduate courses) and research (at present, finite element modeling of high strength concrete structures). Also worked on the Ph.D. degree and got it this year.

A few words about the family. Married to Daw Khin Myat Mon in 1972, but am currently a single dad. Have two wonderful children.

Son Myat Tun San graduated with B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Tulane in 1997. Has been working since then with the Entergy Corporation in New Orleans, and very recently (just last month) moved to new job with American Electric Power in Michigan. (Is a very keen golfer, scored a hole-in-one in February this year).

Daughter Khine Zin Aung is a Junior at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, majoring in Business.

Editor’s Note:
Saya volunteered as Judge in RUBC Regattas.
Saya served as President of RIT Swimming & Water Polo Club, and RIT Rowing Club.
Saya continued teaching until he reached 80+.
After retirement, Saya spends his time in Myanmar (some vacation with his children, who are graduates and working).
Saya’s son lives in California. Recently, NorCal RITAA hosted a dinner for Saya and his son.
Saya’s daughter lives in New York.

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