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Kill two birds with a stone

Original posting : 2000

Updated : June 14, 2019

Last night (November 9, 2000), there was a special dinner at Ming’s seafood restaurant in Sunset, San Francisco in honor of Saya U Nyo Win (M65), out-going president of BAPS and to welcome U Benny Tan (M70), the in-coming president. There were 30+ attendees. Saya U Nyo Win was presented a plaque in recognition of his leadership and services to BAPS.

A plaque was also awarded to Henry Lim (RIT Associate) for his services as Editor of the BAPS newsletter. It grew from a 4 pager to a 20 pager.

As we mentioned many times before, the first ever RIT Grand Reunion and SPZP did not happen out of the blue. One of the first seeds were sown with the founding of BEA (Burmese Engineers Association). The presidents Saya U Htin Paw (EE58), Saya U San Tun (M59) and Saya KC Chiu (ChE63) — with the able support of Daw Khin Hta Yee (Lily Win, T72) — organized mini-reunions and reunions in the Bay Area. At the welcome [retirement] party for Saya U Aung Khin, the idea of merging BEA with a younger association BASTS to become BAPS (Burmese American Professional Society) was proposed and overwhelmingly approved.

At one of the BAPS picnics, several EC members — Saya Allen Htay, Saya U Nyo Win, Saya KC Chiu, Saya U Maung Maung, Ko Benny Tan, Ko Maurice Chee, — held an impromptu meeting with me and asked how they could support KMZ and me regarding the ex-rit web site in general and other activities [such as Grand Reunion] in general. Later, at Ko Benny’s house, the Bay Area Alumni Group was formed. The rest is history.

According to the bye-laws of BAPS, a President can serve for at most two terms. Saya U Nyo Win served two terms. As you all know, Saya also chaired the meetings by the Organizing Committee of the RIT Reunion and SPZP. His [colorful] meeting minutes are enjoyable to read.

He is an outstanding writer and an excellent speech giver. Saya wears two hats: BAPS for the Bay Area activities and RIT Alumni International for activities related to his alma mater world-wide. Our kudos to you, Saya.

After the dinner, we went to Ko Aye Tun (Anthony Ng, M76)’s house, which is within walking distance [in good weather] from the restaurant. A preview of the raw [or semi-edited] copy of the video taken at the RIT Reunion dinner and SPZP took place. The 2+ hour footage caught several viewers [who were caught on tape] by surprise. The “Waing gyi putt putt du way way” dance — started by Daw Myint Myint Sein (Diana, M70) and Ko Richard Chao (Htin Aung, M70) — was joined [by Sayagyi U Khin Aung Kyi, Saya U Min Wun, and several alums.

It was close to two o’clock in the morning when I got back home.

Editor’s Note:

  • I am a life member of BAPS.
  • I served as a contributing Editor for BAPS Newsletter.
  • Ko Maurice Chee (M75) succeeded Ko Benny Tan (M70) as President of BAPS. Ko Maurice used his culinary expertise to make sure that there is high attendance at the BAPS meeting held at his house.

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