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Updated : June 14, 2019

Hello, …

The following is [a dramatization of] an event that happened last night (October 20, 2000).

“Hello, is this RIT Alumni International?”

“If you are Burmese, you can speak in Burmese.”

“We’ve landed at SFO. Someone was supposed to pick up at the airport and take him to his house. He’s not here.”

“I’ll come and pick you up at the airport. I’ll ask Ko Hla Min to contact your friend.”

Maurice Chee (M75), co-chair, Organization got the “wake up” call. He rushed to pick up Ko Ye Myint (the caller), his spouse and his father our beloved Sayagyi U Ba Toke.

I tried to reach Ko Zaw Min Nawaday (EP70) several times via his cellular phone and voice mail.

“URGENT. Sayagyi will be at Maurice’s house. Please contact Maurice immediately at xxxx”.

A few moments later, Ko Zaw Min called back.

“Ko Ye sent me an e-mail saying that they’ll arrive on 21st [Saturday]. Anyway, give me the phone numbers of Maurice.”

Minutes later, Ko Ye called from Maurice’s house. He was surprised that it was 20th [Friday] albeit late at night. Though he had made international travels, he failed to remember this time that you gain/lose a day by crossing the International Date Line.

Sayagyi spoke to me saying that he’s looking forward to the Reunion. He asked if Dolly Lim (Dr. Thynn Thynn Lynn) was the one who wanted to see him at the Reunion. Sayagyi remembered “Baw Lone” (Kyu Kyu Lin) and her siblings well.

If time permits, Sayagyi may visit Southern California and neighboring states.

Thanks to the various alumni — Saya Allen Htay, Saya U Tin Htut, Ko Zaw Min Nawaday, Ko Philip Mya Thwin — and last but not the least our golden sponsor Ko Maung Maung Than] for inviting Sayagyi over to the US.

Thanks to Ko Ba Thein (Atlanta, Georgia) for his article, “An Apology …”

Thanks to Ko Zaw Min and Chicky for hosting Sayagyi at their new house.

Thanks to Ko Maurice who “saved the day” for Sayagyi.

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