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A Grand Reunion

by U Nyo Win

Organizing a grand reunion of the RIT alumni and Saya Pu Zaw Pwe started as a dream. With a dozen or so Bay Area RIT alumni gathering at Benny Tan’s house one day in early June of 1999, the group formed the Bay Area RIT Alumni International with Saya Allen Htay as the chairman. The group raised enough fund to support the fledgling ex-RIT web site created by Ko Khin Maung Zaw and Ko Hla Min. The group brainstormed the possibility of a grand reunion and Saya Pu Zaw Paw for all the ex-RITs worldwide. Since then, the effort had been gathering momentum. With Benny, Maurice, Ko Hla Min and Ko Khin Maung Zaw spearheading the effort, more and more people were attracted to and enthusiastic about the idea of an early reunion in Northern California.

Almost a year later in May 2000, alumni from Northern and Southern California got together in Los Angeles to further the idea into a plan. Since then, October 28, 2000, was selected as the date for the reunion. A month later, the group met at the Embassy Suite in South San Francisco to check out the place as a possible site for the reunion. The meeting was destined to be a historical one. After enjoying a good brunch, the group decided to put down a down payment to reserve the place. In spite of the uncertainty of attendance four months hence, the group made a pledge: we would make it happen, regardless of whether or not we had sufficient attendance to finance the event. With the endorsement and the enthusiastic support of all the Sayagyis, in particular, Saya U Aung Khin, Dr. U Aung Gyi, Saya U San Htun, Saya U Tin Htut and Saya Allen Htay, our marching order was to go forward, and we must succeed. Through subsequent working meetings and effort, we are glad now to say that we’ve made it!

This reunion is a demonstration of the attachment of all the ex-RITs to the great institution that incubates our knowledge. We have so many Sayagyis, sayas, and graduates all over the world these days. Over the years, each and every one of us has been seeking out his or her own future. We have witnessed many successful ex-RITs that all of us can be proud of. They are well established, they have settled down. But all of us, in answering to the call of the reunion, being associated with RIT, are drawn together and identify ourselves as members of the one big RIT family. The RIT Reunion and Saya Pu Zaw Pwe Year 2000 will be a memorable event for all the ex-RITs. For the first time, ex-RITs worldwide will be getting together to pay homage and express their gratitude to the Sayagyis who impart them the knowledge. For the first time, ex-RITs worldwide will be enjoying the closeness of being together in one place as members of the big RIT family.

Looking ahead, what shall we be doing after the first reunion? Many more reunions? Of course. Occasional getting together? Sure. A few more thoughts to share:

– For the Sayagyis enjoying their golden years of retirement, it will be a great time to travel and tour the world; to meet old friends, colleagues and ex-students; and be the messengers to bring good news to those they meet.
– Continue our strong support of the ex-RIT web site so that all of us over the world can connect with each other and to know what each of us is doing.

1. With so many ex-RITs, the cumulative knowledge is enormous. It is the most precious commodity that RIT has given us. let’s think about how we can response in kind to RIT what we owed her our success today.

2. Next time when we meet, we will not only be reminiscing the good old days but will also be painting the grand vision of the future.

Editor’s Note:

Saya Dr. Nyo Win (M65) is a Past President of BAPS.
He is a founding member of RIT Alumni International and served as co-chair of the Steering Committee for SPZP-2000.
He is founding member of NorCal RITAA and is a Past member of BOD (Board of Directors).

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