Taya Oo

Updated on June 9, 2019

  • “Taya Oo” means First Sermon.
  • It is used to describe “Dhammacakkapavuthana Sutta” (Turning the wheel of Dhamma), which was given by the Buddha to his first five disciples.
  • Sayadaw U Silanandabhivamsa wrote “Taya Oo” as a young bhikkhu. The book was reprinted for dhamma dana offering at Sayadaw’s 75th birthday.

There are many books on “Dhammacakkapavatta Sutta.” They include literal translations of the first sermon in Burmese/Myanmar and English, and expositions. Mahasi Sayadawgyi gave a series of dhamma talks on the Sutta and its relation to vipassana meditation.

Saya U Aung Zaw (UCC) once e-mailed to me an English translation of the Sutta by Sayagyi U Pe Maung Tin.

Several sayadaws such as Dhamma Beri Sayadaw have conducted dhamma classes on “Taya Oo”.

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